*sighs* I’m sorry everyone, but I have to say I’m going to end my participation in the club, excluding Monster Academy and Banished. Honestly, I doubt really any of u would really care all that much if I left and that I probably don’t even need to write this but a mixture of having a few things to say and the fact I hate leaving things without a final word made me have to write this.

I have been a long term member of this club for at least two and a half years where I have seen all sorts of people and RPs come and go. I actually grew quite an attachment to this club, but as I sit here now, I feel meer and meer distant from it to the point I can’t do much meer than sigh and walk away from the club.

I live too much in the old days and I guess I’m not flexible enough to fit to the new trends of this club and the too few new people around that would give me hope. I would love to stay, and I would love to be part of this community but with the things I have come to see, I keep finding myself getting crushed and disappointed with every RP I pass by. I’m not going to call out any names, but over the past half jaar of so of trying to keep my hope up I have found OP characters that have ruined some of my most precious RPs, people who I have failed to properly cooperate with, and lovely promising RP-ers vanish into thin air. The most recent thing that has made me visit this club daily but never kom bij an RP of make an RP is the most recent trend that is also the thing that has pushed me to my limit.

It seems it’s just me at this point, but I still can’t stand the trend of sex. I have looked and nearly every RP that has meer than 500 posts has had at least one smutty scene of some sort. I wouldn’t not know if it ties into the plot, but as someone who can’t stand sexual scenes, seeing so many RPs has it so acceptingly is rather discomforting. I also have heard a good amount of your arguments through my antwoorden and a certain one of my vrienden that has managed to stay in the club comfortably so I understand but I can’t say I still feel at home pagina of part of the community all that much anymore if every time I kom bij an RP of make one I have to worry about it being over ruled door sex.

I have lost far too many RPs at this point to OP characters, people vanishing, and all sorts of things as well as some of my old most loved RPs over run and ruined door sex to really have all that hope and comfort. So now I have to resign rather than trying to fix something to my taste only to find I am once again the only one that is feeling this way. After sitting here for about 2 months hoping for something that even I do not know, I think I have finally gotten my guts up to say goodbye to this club. I wish u guys luck, but don’t worry. I’ll still be around Fanpop. Just not around here.