Winner: Atlantians and Militarial

Currently it's got Atlantis and a Military, now a few meer things to be decided.

Winner: Atlantis protecting it's home pagina from Humans

Humans have discovered the lost city of Atlantis, with it's inhabitants quite still alive, deciding that the ancient knowledge of Atlantis would be beneficial to Society, they ordered their military to invade.

"Knowledge is power, and power is Divine, Man strives to be Divine, but in the process drags down others into hell"

Winner: Magic

Atlantians have the knowledge of the Universe, the power of Magic, the ancient law of Gods, Humans will be within the Medieval Era, meaning Swords, Bows, and VERY limited magic compared to Atlantians. Atlantians will be physically weaker, since they've been away from sunlight too long.

Winner: Yes(within reason)

Ok, this is going to be quite restricted, cause it's the Medieval Era, there will be NO aliens, aliens wouldn't have need for neanderthals with their primitive metals and low-tech, so Aliens don't like Earth.

half-Gods, Angels, Demons, anything Divine of Hellish is a NOPE, u can imbue yourself with Divine of Hell MAGIC, but no full of half blooded Divinities of Hellions.

Vampires, Gargoyles and Zombies maybe,
Zombies however CAN die if the brain is destroyed, of the Necromancer that made them dies. zombies can't infect others.

Magical Creatures, such as Fairies and Elves are allowed, centaurs will be restricted to the human side only.

Beings made of Pure Magic will NOT be allowed, they full under 'Divine' category.

if u have vragen on other races, commentaar and i'll reply as soon as possible.

Winner: Yes

The Artifacts available will be specific to 3 different class of people.

Warriors, Mages and Rangers.
what the Effect of the Artifacts will be is dependant apon u all.

A Divine Blade, able to dispell magic, and stretch up to 10M (weight still takes effect with this,so careful)

Allows the user to have Infinite Mana, making them able to cast spells without the need to rest. (NOTE: Some Necromancy Spells require both Mana and Lifeforce, the Lifeforce will still be required)


[There was an Error with the Ranger's Artifact, so I used a Random Number Generator to generate a number between 1 and 10, if the number was an Even Number, the Bow will win. if the number was Odd, the Vial wins.

Winner is 8, the Bow wins.]

Skybreaker, an Ancient Dwarven Bow, magic bound to it's user door blood, until the user dies the bow cannot be used door another. this legendary item seems to have much meer power than a normal enchanted bow, and even magically summoned bows, it can pierce both Magical and Physical armour easily, and doesn't require much strength at all to draw and fire, meaning even children could weild the bow... if it wasn't so big for them that is.