It might be sort of complicated to explain in a sense XD

Anyways, I pretty much started with humans beginning as what one would call a neanderthal as they slowly progressed from a ape-ish species. But that transition is what I focused on adding a little "oomph" to the most. u see, human beings are hosts to over 300 species of parasitic worms and over 70 species of protozoa in which some were derived from a primate ancestry. Our knowledge of parasitic infections extends into antiquity, and descriptions of parasites and parasitic infections are found in the earliest writings and have been confirmed door the finding of parasites in archaeological material. With that said, what happens as humanity advances in intelligence? Yes, they advance, but their methods of destruction advance as well. Which means that the smarter humankind became, the meer destructive of a force of unnatural nature they became which has brought me to this question. How had words come about for humanity? How did ideas for inventions and creations, as well as theatrical conspiracies come to exist? And here's the answer. Parasites. Three types actually. Hand A parasites:The ones that are in humans, Hand B parasites:The ones that are in plants, and Hand C parasites: The ones that are in animals.

9.1 billion years ago, far before the explosion of the ster that created our solar system 4.7 years ago, there was intelligence. Intelligence far beyond what would become human comprehension and possible belief. Out in the unforgivable, deathly chill of deep space of the universe, there existed a large portion of rock rifting amount of rock that orbited in a path throughout galaxies. This large portion of asteroid was the remains of a planet that had died and decayed, left to endlessly drift through the darkness of ster light vaccum. But within that "rock" also existed billions of living microrganisms called Paritae that were able to survive door very slowly feeding from the asteroids properties, nickel, iridium, palladium, gold, magnesium, osmium, ruthenium, and rhodium, but meer so the iron and the nickel. But it also fed from the intelligence that had came from the life the planet that the asteroid they inhabited came from, being that they also evolved at a unsubstantial rate and were able to also feed from the light of stars as they passed them by. The Paritae were able to communicate with one another through a series of continuous signals of vibration that were emmited door the "Mother" Paritae, which was also when the Paritae themselves scheduled itself to feed. While drifting through countless galaxies, the Paritae were able to receive information from many of the surrounding life forms that existed inside those galaxies through the form vibrations. This was able to occur due to continuous vibrant energy that pulsed from the asteroid because of the continuous vibration that the Mother Paritae let off. These vibrations were converted into electromagetic waves that would flow out to everything that was able to sustain a solid form as and act as a stimulus. The magnetic waves would then bounce back as signals in the forms of transmissions of converted information and to the asteroid as a response all at once even as it moved. This information was then fed back to the Mother and retained and the Paritae would thus continue to use this information to evolve, millions of meer times. door this time, the Mother Paritae was intelligent enough to conclude that their bron of nutrients and survival would not last forever. It would diteriate and they would meet certain death, no matter if it were to be billions of years later, of millions. No matter how much of the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole they had, time, they would eventually meet a inevitable end. 900,000 years later, a ster exploded just as they were entering the Milky Way Galaxy, sending ripples of sheer power pushing through the stars silently with gifts of debris and subatomic dust. As well as a few larger astreroids, one in which nearly collided with the one that the Paratae were inhabiting. Luckily, it had only grazed it. But that graze meant a shortage on food supply, no matter how small the lost. Another 10.7 billion years later, the Paratae asteroid began to drift upon a planet of blue and green. It contained H20 components:Water, Fe26:Iron, CaMg(CO3)2:Dolomite. Things that they had craved to encounter again. A planet that was 3,959 miles in radius with a Mass of 5.972 x 10^24kg, with a distance of 92.96 million miles away from a ster that had a surface temperature of 5,778k, a radius of 432,687 mi, and a absolute magnitude of 4.83, all the information that was essential for studying the planet, for it was inhabited door a reptilian race similar to what they had been analyzed in vorige galaxies. Except that they were wild and carnivorous, and overwhelmingly large in size. Nonetheless, they had possibly seen bigger. But what happened next, was what started it all. Their asteroid colliding with the planet.
So basically, the asteroid crashes into the planet and alot of the microorganisms known as the Paratae are obliterated, but not all of them because they are a species similar to archaebacteria only they were able to survive in ridiculously harsher environments. Their asteroid was the cause of the Dinosaur extinction. But they had taken a heavy blow as well, and was left on the brink of being wiped out until their evolution started on the planet that they would later on call....Earth. The impact had haulted their entire evolution and sent them into a deep state of what would be hibernation, their signals of vibration ceasing in motion, and their species scattered throughout the planet. Their further evolution had caused them to become meer parasitic, thus they began to use the planet to feed. They thrived off of the catastrophic aftermath. But then the Ice Age would occur and they would retreat under the surface to survive, and the Mother, the bron of their information, their intelligence, fell into a frozen state of sleep. As time progressed, the Paratae began to grow into much meer than they had started as, and a process of build up was put in progress. They latched themselves into animals and plants alike as harmless bacteria. meer time passes, and they continue to die without the guidance of their Mother, so they slept within these Earthly organisms until they finally found the perfect host. The first primitive species that inhabited Earth over 55 million years before present time. And thus, the "conscious" and "subconscious" was born. The thought of creativity and progression. Though these thoughts came into existence as relatively miniscule thoughts, almost non-existing at all until evolution began to enhance them bit door bit. They were able to insert their intelligence into the brains of animals and the nucleus in cells ((only in plants)). Though some of them lost that intelligence over time to nature, the survivers held on to the minds of their primates and set of a system in the mind known to us humans as the subconscious, the subconscious actually being a open communication web for the parasites. Since the Mother Paratae had been in a state of deep sleep, and due to the asteroid crashing, the Paratae themselves had a drop in the rate that they were able to evolve, therefore they evolve slower than before. The surviving microrganisms have delve into deep sleep inside inserted "subconscious" of the brain in a neutral setting to where they can also use the subconscious to unoticeably and undetectably communicate through the many frequencies that the brain had to offer, even to determine decisions for the late human advancements. Man....that's a lot of info. But moving along, it basically moves on to the evolution of primate-kind to human-kind. The Paratae used the brain of the early primitive species to build upon the world, though they had to make the progression slow being that the human mind wouldn't be able to process the full capacity of their intelligence all at once. So over millions of years, they had to make very slow progression and understanding without the Mother to guide them quicker. This slow progression also caused some meer of them to die eventually. This led to there being three types of Paratae. But the Paratae began to loathe humanity because of the way they began to destroy the planet without their guidance and sought to clear the other of the human life form after they were done with them. ((Fun Fact is that out of the billions of Paratae, they all are called door numbers instead of names and can share one anothers thoughts.))

***None of the parasites are able to reach full mind capacity of the humans because the Mother is missing in action basically.

Hand A: The Paratae parasites that were able to retain some of their intelligence and live in dormant inside the human mind. These parasites are also able to unlock a potential of the human mind at any gegeven moment that could cause mutation and give a normal human a unique abilities. These Paratae are also basically hell bent on finding the host of all hosts for their mother to successfully take over and feed from. They are the alphas of all parasitic life forms on Earth. They are able to stop the human aging process altogether.
Hand B: These Paratae parasites are the ones that have lost their intelligence. Most of these types of parasites reside in animal life, the only actual signs of them being there being the animal's "adaptations".
Hand C: Hand C Paratae are the ones that plants have. They feed from photosynthesis and reside in the earth as well. In the soil, and in the water. These plant-attached parasites would have enough intelligence to keep the Earth's atmosphere balanced through photosynthesis and oxygen/carbon input and output. The human nature is a threat to this however.

So when it comes to how the Paritae effect human life, they actually have a large influence on the human life form, some of which one would not consider. In their neutral state in the human mind, there would be moments where they would "Partially Awake" and create. For example, the pyramids of Egypt would be the handy work of awakening parasites. And the buildings that we see today, also a part of a "Partial Awakening", as it is them who is responsible for the idea. And that works like this. Say there is a decision to where u have infinite ways to go about it, but u need that specific ONE way to continue a quick paced progression. This was something that would have probably taken far longer if it weren't for the Paratae. In a sense to say, they were able to guide Humanity into making a evolutionary decision. Which went from caves for warmth an protection, to later huts and small villages, further on to higher structures. Things to allow humankind to survive. It is in these moments of Partial Awakenings that the Paratae are able to implant bits of their data, their information, into the human mind as thoughts. Subconscious thoughts. They introduce things into the human thought process. Things like buildings would be something that they learned from the meer advanced civilizations while drifting through space for such a long time, constantly picking up information. A smaller effect that they have on humankind would be the circular pupil of the eye instead of us having slitted eyes. The pupil is actually the most "Here, in your face" aspect of their existence, mostly because it works as a blindspot to conceal their existence.

Now the vraag comes to Mother. The producer, the consumer, and the concluder. Now here's where things get interesting. As stated previously, the Paratae have grown to hate humanity over time because of their destructive waves. They are able to believe that humans, without their guidance, are just highly intelligent animals with a psychological instinct to destroy meer than they construct, which they would see as a threat being that these humans are their hosts for starters and that their resources are in danger if being put in peril, roughly putting them in the same situation they were in with the asteroid. Mother, is contains the grand majority if all of the information that they've abstracted. Since this "Mother" is still in a shock-like sleep from the crashing of the asteroid, the Paratae only retained portions of the intelligence. Granted, those portions were fairly useful and still excessively meer than the human mind would be able to receive all at once. Now before I further explain Mother and what it's capabilities are, I would like to state that yes, the Paratae despise humanity, but that isn't something that's true for all of them, as they were able to experience thought separately and away from the hive. Which means that there are some that have come to have a general liking for the human race. Now if Mother were to awake, then the Paratae would not only regain all learned information, but also be able to send out a signal that would potentially activate all other Paratae for a process simply called The Beginning, where they would began to cease the human mind as their own and diminish the human brain prior to becoming a highly advanced replica of it in the skull. What would disrupt their complete reign would be the Paratae that rather enjoy the better side of humanity and the things that they had created on their own. Another thing to mention is that there are also fewer Paratae compared to how many there were before the asteroid crash. Still a very large number of them, but still fewer. And without Mother, they are unable to reproduce asexual at their mist efficient rate, also a downside to having a human host. Which means that they would die if Mother would remain in sleep. Another thing is, as the humans bred among civilizations, they began to sort if breed out their parasite, and each time that occurred the Paratae of zei host would indeed multiply, but also would reduce the offspring's chances of having a Paratae that could take complete control.

The Paratae do in fact breed. But since they are asexual producers and are forced to sort of adjust to human breeding without Mother, the offspring would be a almost identical copy of the parasite itself, only with a shorter lifespan than the original. When the human dies, the parasite is able to still feed from zei deceased body accept at a higher rate, which is my reasoning for the internal organs as well as internal tissues and skin "decaying". Now it is, in fact, possible for a human to grow old and die without being infected with a parasite because of the chances of them inheriting the parasite to begin with. Granted, the percentage rate of them being able to survive completely without is fair being that once two people with Paratae breed and create offspring, it is liable that the genetics of the Paratae could be transferred along with the mixing genes of both human parents. Now there is also a negative side to this when it occurs. Insanity. Mental instability. If one were to be born without the parasite, there are chances that their mental state would end in utter failure, resulting in disorders such as schizophrenia of born with disabilities such as blindness of physical incapabilities because of the lack of order that the Paratae establish once stationed inside a humans mind.

.Now when it comes to the meer specific interactions between Paratae and humans, the parasites reside in the cerebrum of the brain, the large outer portion responsible for thinking, reading, learning, and speech. Since they would be considered the subconscious anyways, they are able to transfer the data they've retained from their long journey and transfer it into the human thought pattern as information door using the electrical signals that all homosapiens have running through their bodies. They do this door manipulating the electrons that the brain contains and bending/morphing them to where they are able to match frequencies and therefore transfer zei information efficiently, though it isn't as easy as it would be with Mother back in the mix. As for how they are able to adjust the gene sequences for physical evolution, its simple. With access to the globaal, algemene gene pool of both primal apes and humans, as well as mostly every other species on the planet, they are able to tap into genetic information meer so with humans than with animals of plants.