This is extra details about the Daemon RP i made a enquête on.

Humanity has been at war with Daemons for a long time. since 334C2 (334 years after the 2nd century, the 2nd century lasted 1320 years), and today, 21st of Aue, 1204C3, the 2nd last human city has fallen, and the last remaining human city stands, awaiting it's fate.

but all was not lost, Jurq's fall did give humanity a benefit, the Humans captured 5 Daemons, and brought them back to Guliun, the last human city.

these 5 Daemon are not like the others of their kind, they saw what they were doing to man, to humanity, they knew that they wouldn't want to be in the human's place... so they decided to kom bij the humans, and assist.

but Humanity did not trust these 5, their choice was too convenient, so Humanity assigned a sort of 'keeper' to each Daemon, the Keeper was to assure the Daemon didn't run rampant, and the Daemons were to assure the safety of their Keeper. the Daemons agreed, some meer willingly than others.

this special unit, consisting of only the Daemon's and Keepers, were allowed to co-ordinate together, of work alone. they were gegeven a major militarial freedom, and the Keepers were financially supported, to keep the Daemon's happy too.

[===][About the Keepers][===]

there can be 1 of 2 keepers of 1 Daemon, but not 2 Daemon to a single keeper, humanity decided this would be too dangerous.

Keepers are gegeven special Anti-Daemon weapons, blessed bullets and melee weapons of their choice, and if they decide their Daemon is running rampant of being a threat, they may choose their course of action.

Keepers may choose to work with other Keepers, but this means the Keepers must stick together and still keep an eye on their Daemon, keepers can even swap Daemon, though this is a dangerous and an un-suggested act, though it can also benefit combat experience.

if a Keeper can't keep their Daemon in check, they are suggested to swap with another keeper.

Keepers are to hold both their own ID, and the Daemon's special ID.

[===][About the Daemons][===]

Daemons are to obey their keepers... of not, your choice.

to allow ease to their Keepers(so they can visit their families) Daemons are allowed in the human city, HOWEVER they will be watched at all times.

Daemons, being Daemons, are stronger, faster and live longer than humans, this is why humans lost all this time. however, because of how long this war has been on, there are NO Daemons old enough to have been in this war for long, I'd say a maximum of about 500 to 600 years of age, and a minimum of 200.

Though they are Daemons, Magic will NOT be a primary way of combat, there are too many 'miffs' with magic, ranged and melee weaponry that is enchanted is fine though.

Daemons all have some easy way to tell they are Daemon.

[===][Other Questions][===]

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