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Fan fiction by Paramore-CSI posted een jaar geleden
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ok for those that aren't in the forums this is from one of them, I turned it into a story this is page one and I'll go page door page so now u read it.
I thank demon_wolf (whinny) and princesspinkla(crystal)for letting me use there characters I hope u enjoy.
Two people were sitting door a lake, both had brown hair but one of them had longer hair. tonen that it was a female.
"Hey Nick. When do u think the others will toon up?" she zei as he put his arm around her shoulders.
"Be patient Whinny, the party doesn't start for another 30 minutes." He zei gently. A girl with black hair and a boy with red hair were walking towards them.
"Mike we’re going to be late" She zei looking at him.
"Muzuki it is not even time yet and we are not." He says taking her hand, as she smiles and leans her head on his shoulder.
"I love the sunset. “She commented. The other couple finally get there and see them.
Opinion by demon_wolf posted een jaar geleden
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Rp with friends
Role-playing refers to the changing of one's behavior to assume a role, either unconsciously to fill a social role, of consciously to act out an adopted role.

So basically "Role Playing" is being a character that u make up and put them into a story with other people. Its kinda like a play where u act out the role u have, except in anime ROLE PLAYING u make up your own character and be that character.
So just have fun role playing a character u make up.

Be who u want when role playing it does not matter how weird of funky of cool your character is. As long as u are having fun and like the character u create there is nothing wrong. So all I ask of u is to have fun and enjoy yourself when the role play starts. ^-^

To me role playing is very fun and exciting I like the idea of being someone besides yourself. =]