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A war has been brewing for the past 500 years,

the four kingdoms, all have been working on preparing for this war.
gathering soldiers, equipment... ancient technology...
the Ancients built amazing structures, weapons, armours, arts... and even legendary creatures... the Divine Tier

the four kingdoms include the Aquan Empire, hosted by the Mer.
blue of skin with sleek hair to none at all, able to breathe both in and out of water, their fins and strong muscles allow them to quickly and easily traverse water, and even scale up Waterfalls. this Empire were the first to obtain a Divine Tier. This empire has an even balance between able bodied warriors, equipment and intelligent folk. This empire resides in the icy caps to the North.

next, the Terran Territory, hosted by the Tukk.
Red, brown and orange, rarely black, with pointed ears and noses, and sharp hair. the folk of this empire are strong willed, and even stronger bodied. boulders are mere pebbles. and they create their tools by smashing metal red hot with their own fists. warriors from birth, even the women are born to fight. but not very hot-headed. this empire was the third to obtain a Divine Tier. This empire has an overly large amount of Soldiers and Equipment, but are not very technologically advanced.
This empire resides in the burning desert wastelands of the south.

Furlian Fortress, hosted by the Forlm.
Folk of furry ears and tails. this species varies the most in colour, shape and accessories. various tails and ears are widespread. this Empire has no idea of segregation, as every species has unique roles and abilities. no person is worth less than another... except the rulers, of course. this empire was the second to obtain a Divine Tier. This empire has an even balance of Soldiers and technological advancement... but they lack equipment. the Forlm lives in the Midlands... to the west...

and finally, the Avia Federation, hosted by the Avians.
Folk with feather a-plenty and flocks together. arguably this species are the weakest, but only in terms of physical strength. their minds are free and brimming with knowledge, it is strange that this species weren't the first to obtain a Divine Tier, and stranger still to be the last. this empire has a lack of Soldiers, but an abundance of Technology and equipment. the Avians enjoy the high mountains to the East.

now, to the Divine Tier.
all the Divine Tier. are overly large creatures, so monstrous in size, no sane person would fight one without a Divine Tier of their own.

the Mer have Wal, a whale that holds the waters. it is able to shoot scalding water streams from the oceans across the land.

the Tukk have Schlange, a long slithering monster, it's entire body is hidden under the sands, able to burst out anywhere and devour entire towns whole. it can also cause Earthquakes.

the Forlm have Eber, a massively spiked Boar, it sits in the middle of the Midlands, being able to be seen by all, all over. this monster's horns can fire blazing beams of light from it's horns.

and finally, the Avians have Falke, a massive bird flying high, high.... REALLY high over the hills, also able to be seen by all. it is able to create massive gusts of wind, causing tsunamis and tornadoes.


the Ancients.

what were the Ancients? what did they leave behind?
none of the races today really know.

well, the Ancients species was more varied than all the current races combined. so what exactly they were is a giant debate between ALL the races. as for what they left behind. well, the Divine Tier first off. the Ancients created these massive beasts, but 'why' is not known.

the Ancients also created many apon many bits of technology. vehicles, weapons, tools and buildings, all spread out among the land.

and now that you know all this, you need to know what has recently happened.

three weeks ago, the Divine Tier were acting strange, Wal, Shlange, Eber and Falke all were crying... moaning or simply calling out, perhaps they sensed the oncoming war between their factions, but non-the-less. on the Day the all-out war started, the Divine Tier all looked to the sky and wailed, the sky turned dark, and four lights beamed down from the heavens on various parts of the land.

the war was put on hold, not because the races were put off by the Divine Tier's call, but because the Divine Tier suddenly refused to listen to them... the sky returned to normal the next day, and the lights have vanished.
some speculate the Ancients have put some safety switches on... some estimate the Divine Tier were never meant for this purpose... some speculate... OTHER... theories.

in reality... the Administrators have been summoned.
Delta, Epsilon, Gamma and Omicron have been brought into the world, as for why, each has their own reason, but there is one thing for sure with each Admin. they hate what the races have done with their Tier.

All the Administrators have their respective symbol burned into the back of their palms.

[====][Character Sheet][====]

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((I'd suggest listening to the theme as you read the Character Sheet))









[Δ] Delta \ ???
[ε] Epsilon \ Banette \ [link]
[Γ] Gamma \ ???
[Ο] Omicron \ ???



[Forlm | Ram/Goat] - [Myral Huyr][link]
[Mer | Humanoid] - [Acruia 'Jack' Lorui ][link]
 A war has been brewing for the past 500 years, the four kingdoms, all have been working on prepari
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[Title] Administrator Ẽ̦̣͕͓̀̆͆p̭̜̦̅͑͌ͯͪ͑ͪs̮͒͌­͚̤͓­̬̪̱­i̎̔­͉̝͌­̟̰l­͙̥o­̺ͥ̐­̻̱̭­̟̭͖­n̎̎­͚͆̐­̩̲̘­͓̦

[Name] E͝r̷̡͟r͟͟o҉r̶̀͜

[Species] Ancient E͝r̷̡͟r͟͟o҉r̶̀͜

[Age] Ancient

Epsilon, the Administration Traitor

long ago, in times long past. the Ancients lived a live of technological marvels, nothing was out of their grasps, no enemy dared to stand up to them, and the leaders of the Ancients... the Admins, were revered by all...

but Epsilon was not satisfied, the constant competitions between Ancients to create larger, stronger and better technological marvels bored her, the same repetition of constantly building, destroying and repeating their 'toys'... Epsilon's intrigued was only peaked when the project of the Tiers were introduced. the 24 Admins, from Alpha to Omega, were given a sort of 'optional game', each was to create a living creature, so massive and large that the continents would need to share them all... but Epsilon saw this as a different opportunity.

the first four Tiers were created... and Epsilon struck, the Ancients were ravaged, rampaged and destroyed, their lands burned and crumbled, 19 of the Admins were killed by Epsilon's hands... the remaining 4 had learnt of her actions, learnt of what she had done, that she was the cause for the destruction of their home, the ending of their utopia and reign of power.

the remaining four Administrators sealed her away, impaling her body, chaining her deep underground with machines and a specially made prison to keep her locked away forever...

the remaining four continued on with their lives... never knowing how Epsilon ended the all-powerful reign of the Administrators...

and finally, to today. the Tiers sent a distress, a call to all Administrators... something Epsilon had been waiting for... she responded to the call, and was pulled from her prison...

what a lovely open green field... and what a lovely day... fresh air, warm sun...
chains still attached, and these damned spikes still in... but that's for later...
let's go exploring~♫

Epsilon is covered head-to-toe in not only her ancient lock and chains, but bandaged up too. fully.

Epsilon's eye does indeed glow... but luckily no one today knows what Ancients used to look like, since they were so varied.
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((I'd suggest listening to the theme as you read the Character Sheet))

[Title] Ram of Renewal

[Name] Myral Huyr

[Species] Forlm | Ram/Goat

[Age] 24

Myral, the Healer.

in the military camps of the Forlm, stories are passed around. from soldier to soldier of the Healer, Myral. her knowledge of medicine, her application, and the new ancient technology she holds heals their wounds with ease. she is praised by many...

in reality, Myral is frightened of the wounds folk sustain, and even more frightened of the technology she has. It's name is link. and though it's appearance is similar to the ancient weapons, Wunde reinvigorates it's target, instead of harming them. when Myral cannot heal someone, she relies apon Wunde... though she is afraid that one day, she may lose Wunde... and then her patiences wouldn't survive anymore...

Myral is currently part of an expedition, to go investigate the light that the Divine Tiers has summoned. he is on her way, with the party, to the middle of the Midlands.

Myral is afraid of Combat.

Wunde will not function for others, it only works when in use by Myral... except Administrators.
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((I'd suggest listening to the theme as you read the Character Sheet))

[Title] Silent Glide

[Name] Acruia 'Jack' Lorui

[Species] Mer | Humanoid

[Age] 27

the Finless Mer.

though, not really.
Jack's fins do exist, but they are so small, thin and sleek that they are nearly unnoticeable. and though the size of her fins do affect how fast she can swim, they do not affect her strength. infact, with her fins being smaller than others, she is able to silently swim, not making a single sound as she gracefully glides through the bodies of water.

if it wasn't for her blue skin, and constantly tired gaze, she could pass herself off as a Furless Forlm.

though her eyes have the same gaze as a dead fish, she is somewhat lively.
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