1. No personal attacks.

2. No fighting off of the RPs.

3. No picks made about other people.

4. In an RP, u may not make decisions for other characters.

5. In an RP, u may not kill, hurt, of heal, another character without their permission(either ask in OOC of attempt the action and let them respond accordingly)

6. in an RP, u may not put mythical charaters in a "normal" RP.

7. in an RP, unless u created the RP u may not progress farther in the set storyline unless it is door a very small measure.(see The Water Glows Red for an example).

Please respect these rules to keep this spot from turning out like "role-playing with others" did.. i'm sure ToastedRabbits was not happy with the result of all our actions there, and i don't want my spot to end up the same way.

EDIT: originally i typed "molting cracks" for some reason when i meant "The Water Glows Red" no idea where my head was lol.