"You've done a great job today, Kaito," Mizuka zei to Kaito as they walk through the girls' dorm hall. She checked the bedrooms, one door one. Mizuka is the headmistress but she also teach maths. "Ah... I've got a headache since this morning. This is the seconde last room. So I'll leave the last room to u since I know u won't do anything.....well, silly. I really need to go to bed now," she said. "Yes, ma'am," Kaito zei and Mizuka left.
    Kaito walked to the last room. He took a deep breath and open the door. He checked the beds with his torch. Everyone's asleep except for one. And that one's not just awake, her bed is empty too. He signed, "Where did she go at this time? She wouldn't go outside school. It's not like her," he zei as he went room to room searching for a girl.
    He opened the gym door. She was sitting on the floor. Beside her, it was a little wine bottle and a glass. She slowly looked up at Kaito and looked away. "Why are u out here?" he asked. "What do u care?" she zei back. "Yep, she's drunk..," he thought. "You shouldn't be drinking of be here. Now get back to your dorm, Hikari," he raised his voice a little. "My head's a little dizzy right now. So, I'll....go later," she drank the wine in the glass.
     "Just go back...," he signed. "Sorry, I can't. I just can't. I need to think about forgetting some things," she said. "Things such as?" he asked.
    "Well... things like u left me in this gym after saying, 'I hate your father, I hate you. And our friendship has come to an end'............. yeah...things like that...," she stared at the floor. "Do you..... really..hate me?"she asked. "Yeah, I do," he zei straightly. But somewhere in his hart-, hart denied that answer. "Why can't I hate you......for..hating me?" she looked at him. He didn't give an answer.
    "I'm gonna go and call the headmistress," he zei as he walked to the door.
    Hikari ran to him and pulled his shirt, "Why?" tears came down from her face. "Why do u hate me so much? I've never did anything to you," she zei as she let go of his shirt. He turned to her, "I grew up without a mother and a father because of your father," he answered. "Same, old answer.." she whispered. "But that was my father! Not....not me..," meer tears came down. "Do u think that I loved my father so much?!?!?!?!?!?! My mom left because of him. He was always drunk and always beating me! Do..you really...think that...I liked him...?" her voice became soft.
    "What do u want?!?!?!?!?!?!" Kaito yelled. "What I want?!?!?!?!?! What I want is that friendship u ended in this very spot. I...just want...to have...you..back. I just want to be vrienden again...," she wiped some tears away. He just stood in front of her, silently. "Just go back to your dorm," he said. ".................I guess Fuka was right....I should just forget all of those painful memories.....You can, but why can't I?...," she went and picked up the glass and the empty wine bottle. She walked pass Kaito and headed to the door, " I'm sorry that I bothered u and I'm sorry that your parents died because of my father," she sobbed. "And I'm...," she stopped sobbing. "I'm sorry for....loving..you...," she ran out of the door.
    A part of him felt like crying. But he can't and he won't. "I'm.....sorry too... for everything..." he thought. It's a line he's been keeping in his hart-, hart to say to her, but he just can't, but why? Even he don't know the answer.