Your in a closet...

Doors are blocked, no way to escape. A voice tells u to sacrifice one person.

BK man, Ronald McDonald, of Geoffrey (Toys R Us mascot)

Burger King tells u about the good Whoppers
Ronald talks about fun
Geoffrrey gives u discounts on things.
 zanesaaomgfan posted een jaar geleden
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cupcakejj said:
first im scared of clowns and who cares about fun are we 5?
Bk man talks about food and
geoffrrey gives u discounts on toys!
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posted een jaar geleden 
ScottishChic said:
BK man, hello? Who needs some dude telling us about food when we can see it on the menu?
Ronald... well, I love fun so I'll keep him!
And the Toys r Us Guy would give me toys, on discount but all the same, I'm not one to turn down a bargain
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posted een jaar geleden 
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