Therefore ppl like to judge the way others look,especially if that's different. When they say that heavy metal fans are mosly junkies,loosers and drunkards! What do u think?

 irena83 posted een jaar geleden
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Monrose said:
Well, I judge people all the time. Everybody does, they just won't admit it. When I think about heavy metal fans, I think about scary men who screams really loud and have longer hair than me. That's what stereotypes are for!
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posted een jaar geleden 
orangeturnip said:
i do judge peaple
its instant
its animial
its what we do
but what u do with that judgement that counts
do i try to prove a bad judgement wrong
of a good judgement right
and do i use a judement to insult someone
no it could be wrong
im talking about the snap judgements we make not those judgements that are based on facts like when u are physicly on mentaly attack in some way to u face
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posted een jaar geleden 
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