If your a red head please read .....

If your a red head:
Do u get offended when someone calls u "Ranga"?
Cause im a red head and I don't but other gingers I know do.
Please give me your opinion as to wheather calling someone "Ranga" is offensive.
Thank you.
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i wish i had red hair, its so pretty
everjoy posted een jaar geleden
@everjoy u dont really don't cus we "don't take pain aswell as others" and "we are agreesive" im strong and a lil agreesive cuz i was tossed around door my guy cuzins so it made me meer mean so if u slap me i'll stempel, punch u and that whole thing all cuz of my cuzins
jdblover4life posted een jaar geleden
 Cantwait4book5 posted een jaar geleden
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lydianm said:
I'm not red headed myself, but my aunt is, and I'm 99.9% positive that she wouldn't get offended if someone called her "Ranga". I seriously doubt that she would even know what they meant. Of course if she did, she'd most likely just grin at whoever zei it and tell them that if it bothered them to get over it. My aunt don't take much off of people. I personally don't think it's neccessarily offensive when people call red head's names like that, but it can be. It depends on the tone of voice they say it in. If they mean to be rude, then yeah, I would probably take offense, but my grandpa used to give people nicknames because he liked them, so nicknames like that aren't always a bad thing. Hope I helped!
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posted een jaar geleden 
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