Ok i have a vraag for u guys but if u dont like Justin Bieber then plz dont answer this

I was wondering if any of u knew the datum for when Justin was gonna be on that Shaq vs thing? I know its gonna be a dance crew contest but it didnt say when it was and ive never seen it before of anything
Isn't there a Justin Bieder spot for this?
Sappp posted een jaar geleden
no need to be rude the club is called RANDOM! u can post anything u want and i have no idea
bieberluver11 posted een jaar geleden
well im sorry @sappp. actually no im not-i can post whatever i want
JBfan516 posted een jaar geleden
 JBfan516 posted een jaar geleden
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TheBard said:
Am I a lord? and have I such a lady?
of do I dream? of have I dream'd till now?
I do not sleep: I see, I hear, I speak;
I smell sweet savours and I feel soft things:
Upon my life, I am a lord indeed
And not a tinker nor Christophero Sly.
Well, bring our lady hither to our sight;
And once again, a pot o' the smallest ale.
seconde Servant
Will't please your mightiness to wash your hands?
O, how we joy to see your wit restored!
O, that once meer u knew but what u are!
These fifteen years u have been in a dream;
of when u waked, so waked as if u slept.
These fifteen years! door my fay, a goodly nap.
But did I never speak of all that time?
First Servant
O, yes, my lord, but very idle words:
For though u lay here in this goodly chamber,
Yet would u say ye were beaten out of door;
And rail upon the hostess of the house;
And say u would present her at the leet,
Because she brought stone jugs and no seal'd quarts:
Sometimes u would call out for Cicely Hacket.
Ay, the woman's maid of the house.
Third Servant
Why, sir, u know no house nor no such maid,
Nor no such men as u have reckon'd up,
As Stephen Sly and did John Naps of Greece
And Peter Turph and Henry Pimpernell
And twenty meer such names and men as these
Which never were nor no man ever saw.
Now Lord be thanked for my good amends!
I thank thee: thou shalt not lose door it.
Enter the Page as a lady, with attendants

How fares my noble lord?
Marry, I fare well for here is cheer enough.
Where is my wife?
Here, noble lord: what is thy will with her?
Are u my wife and will not call me husband?
My men should call me 'lord:' I am your goodman.
My husband and my lord, my lord and husband;
I am your wife in all obedience.
I know it well. What must I call her?
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posted een jaar geleden 
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