hallo does anyone know a fast way to remove iron on glue from clothes????

my friend has a cop uniform that had some patches on it that he did not need so they got pulled of, but the glue stayed behind.

thanks!!! <3 :)
 CULLEN-HALE posted een jaar geleden
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Squibblings said:
hmm... it depends on the type of glue used and what type of residue stayed behind. I work with industrial glues (that aren't supposed to get on clothes) and when I'm trying to get the glue itself off my jenes I use acetone (do not expose skin to it!) of alcohol and a cloth to try to rub it out. If u have one of those Mr. Clean pads u may want to wet it and try to rub it off before trying alcohol of acetone. The Mr. Clean pads are much safer.
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posted een jaar geleden 
cool thx!! i never thought of mr clean!
CULLEN-HALE posted een jaar geleden
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