what's the weirdest thing u of a friend zei in your/their sleep?

at a sleepover, my friend started talking in her sleep. I was awake.

friend: mmph.

me: what?

friend: over here.

me: where?

friend: what's that smell?

me: bacon.

friend: hmmpbh

me: I know, right?

friend: I feel... sexually violated.

me: it happens.

friend: SHUT UP!

then she woke up and asked me what just happened.
Hahaha that's embarrassing XD
deathroman13 posted een jaar geleden
 ThatDarnHippo posted een jaar geleden
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Random Antwoorden

ScottishChic said:
Most likely the time that I thought I was out walking a neighbours dog.
I just kept shouting 'come here, Becky!' and then I started sleepwalking ... thinking we were in the park, my mum said.
Not a very good example but it's the first one that popped into my head.
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posted een jaar geleden 
LoopyLuna96 said:
I just zei "Cheese pasty? Has she got one?"
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posted een jaar geleden 
madelinestar714 said:
me and my sister share a room so i hear her talking in her sleep quite often but the only one i can remember off the top, boven of my head is when she yelled "GET ON THE SHIP!!!!" of something like that and she woke me up. XD
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posted een jaar geleden 
Waterwhip said:
My friend and I were haveing a sleepover at my house and one thing that caught me off guard was she was singing "just dance" with a twist

friend: I wanna take a ride on jordans disco stick

jordans her crush but when she zei i screamed and woke her up she asked me what happened and she screamed and looked flushed
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posted een jaar geleden 
natty13 said:
hmm d weirdest ting i've zei in my sleep probably has 2 be one time i broke up wit my bf in my sleep and tld him 2 nevr call bk my fone evr again lol bt he called me bk rite aftr and zei "r u serious" and i waz like "about wat" and he zei " r we really ovr? " nw i waz confused and zei i nevr tld him dat bt he zei i did. i'm still wondering hw i dialed his # wile i waz sleepin so dat waz weird :p
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posted een jaar geleden 
bakuargirl729 said:
me camrom
camrom um yes
me l think my mind has be rape
camrom what
me and r u pokeing me
camrom im not
me mmph o....k
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posted een jaar geleden 
goofiegirl14 said:
me n my friend were having a sleepover at her house
friend: muffins!
me:(not realizing she was asleep) yea what about them
friend:chocolate chip ones are the best
me:(seeing shes asleep) umm maddie? (my friend)
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posted een jaar geleden 
KishuandIchigo posted een jaar geleden
Snugglebum said:
Backstory: one of my vrienden works on the express register at the grocery store i work at. a couple of months ago, my boss, i think he wanted to be cruel, put a LCD display that played an irritating commercial on it right volgende to the express register.
Well, one dag he told me that his mom had woken him up wanting to know why he was mumbling what sounded like an infomercial in his sleep...guess why!
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posted een jaar geleden 
Penguinangel said:
At a sleepover with the entire flute section from Marching Band last year, we were watching a horror movie, and I fell asleep. According to my friend, uring a really suspenseful part of the movie, when it was dead silent, I shot up in my sleeping bag and started mumbling, nearly giving everyone else hart-, hart attacks. Then, my friend shouted my name, and I zei "what?" and fell back down on my sleeping bag again, still asleep.
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posted een jaar geleden 
iamagagamonster said:
this was me and my friend from a long time geleden like from the 5th grade (and if ilovepercy reads this its not yu taren)
bff: i tear my hart-, hart open i sew myself shut and my weakness is
me: *freaked out*
bff: kiki... stop! stop!
me: wat
bff: stop putting that on
me: i feel so sexualy uncomtorble now
bff: ok go to bed becuz the spek is burning
me: ok.. ??
then wen she finaly shut up i told her about it. she was so embaresed (this goes on for about 5 meer min)
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posted een jaar geleden 
AaronHaley4ever said:
This happened one time when we had a family emergency in the middle of the night & I tried to wake my mom up to tell her.

Me: Mom, wake up!

Mom: Hmm...

Me: I need u to wake up, okay?

Mom:(still asleep) I'm here.

Me: No, I think you're still asleep. u need to wake up.

Mom: I'm here! I'm in the white treasure chest! Help!

Me: (sees that Mom is too far gone to be bothered & leaves to take care of the problem herself)
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posted een jaar geleden 
CassandraLopez said:
i recorded myself sleeping and i was yelling in my sleep :


then i was like :


and i zei other stuff...... but ppl will laugh.
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posted een jaar geleden 
KishuandIchigo posted een jaar geleden
wanna know the other one?
CassandraLopez posted een jaar geleden
RukiaKuchiki88 said:
Well,I don't know about me but my aunt told me a story about how one dag when she was pregnant,she woke up in the middle of the night and yelled,"WHERES THE BEEF?"It was really random...too bad I wasn't there to see that.
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posted een jaar geleden 
Pikafan32 said:
Me: u want skylur?

Friend: Mmmhmm

Me: Do u WANT Skylur?

Friend: Nummy

Me: *impersonating Skylur* she says u WANT me?

Friend: *twitches* Maybe

Me: *Slaps Ali until she wakes up* Rejected!

That was the greatest conversation we ever had...
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posted een jaar geleden 
Apple_Pi said:
I was fast asleep when

Me:(Laughing in my sleep)

Dad: Whos laughing?!

My dad looks at me and goes oooooook....
so I stopped laughing at this point and was sorta awakes so I heard him say that.
So I go back to sleep and......

Me: Die! pancake man

Dad:........ =|

Me: Im gonna squash u so flat!!!!


Me: Its Ham and Cheese!!!! to the rescue !!

I woke up feeling hungry and
Dad: What were u dreaming about!!

Me: I dont know......

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posted een jaar geleden 
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