If someone drives another to commit suicide, should that person be charged for murder?

That's what i wonder whenever i read an artikel about an adolescent that was persecuted door bullies until they resorted to take their own lives to escape the suffering.
It tears me up inside to think that those horrible sadists will never feel guilt over what they caused because they are never held responsible.
 MasterOfFear posted een jaar geleden
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cmrm said:
If I was the judge, I would charge it.
But on matters like these, it all depends on how the judge sees it.
If he's one of those that are like He killed himself, so no one should be charged for murder., than there's no one to blame but the person that killed herself, no matter what reason was.
If on the contrary, he's one of those judges that likes to know why he was killed, than obviously the responsible is going to be blamed.
btw, this reminds me of a story about a 12 jaar old portuguese boy, that killed himself on a river, because he was being bullied. No one was charged for murder either and everyone knows who it was.
This is just an example of how great justice is nowadays..
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posted een jaar geleden 
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