Please can u help me...?

My Parents just announced they are having another baby.
I'm six years older than my first sister...
Nine years older than my seconde sister...
and I'll be 14 (approx) years older than this one.
What am I going to do?
I probably sound like a whinying punk but I've been through alot of change...
Ending Freindships
Family Who Hates Me
My Parents Marriage
It's just a really interesting life story for me...I could go into details but I'd bore you.
Can anyone say anything to me? (Preferaly besides shut up)
What are some good girl A names other than
and Amy...
Thanks Guys!
 silverlocket posted een jaar geleden
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teamsalvatore98 said:
Alia, Alli, Allison, Arriana, Alex, Aaron (???), Autumn, Ashton, Ashley, Ashlyn, Arri, thats all I got. =/ i cant he,lp with the problem though, sorry.
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posted een jaar geleden 
isnt aaron a boys name?
iluvdamo posted een jaar geleden
idk aaron like that is a boy name but does it matter about the spelling of it???? i have a frend who name is Erin, it's ust a different spelling =/
teamsalvatore98 posted een jaar geleden
iluvdamo said:
my cousin's name is Addison and i call her addy u can check my pics too cuz she's in there. :) and don't worry if ur the oldest u get better stuf;)
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posted een jaar geleden 
theres also aria which i think is really cool
iluvdamo posted een jaar geleden
iluvllllll said:
Abby, Alicia, Amber.
Awww poor you. Its okay im 13 years older than my youngest cousin :D
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posted een jaar geleden 
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