What is illuminati?

i often hear that some singers are illuminati
devil worshipers...i dont think its true....but can u explain me better what illuminati means
 Gloved1 posted een jaar geleden
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smileypop9 said:
'The Illuminati are an evil group of elite and powerful people, who are rarely seen in the public's eye, who know not the Lord Jesus Christ. They are the sworn enemies of American sovereignty, Christianity and the U.S. Constitution. They are the perpetrators of the New World Order. They are demonically influenced and controlled door Satan and are the sworn enemies of the kruis of Jesus Christ.'
Their symbol is a pyramid and an eye in the middle of it. Lots of singers make that symbol with their hands, so they are thought to be in the illuminati group.
Their symbol is also in the American dollar, and the jaar on it is also the jaar people think the illuminati was founded.
Look at all those pics. Even Madonna has their symbol on her clothes.
Even some cities are built to have secret messages of symbols in them.
And they say that there will be a new world order, where they will line up people and shoot them till only 10% of the world population remains (I think).
'which include many of the world's wealthiest people, top, boven political leaders, and corporate elite, as well as members of the so-called Black Nobility of Europe' (quote from a site). Basically we don't stand a chance against them.
They say 9/11 and MJ and some other famous ppl were killed door the illuminati.
They are in control of the muziek industry, and basically know exactly what we do.
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posted een jaar geleden 
this is it
darkwave posted een jaar geleden
i heard about them in the davinci code & angels and demons
Chaann94 posted een jaar geleden
Well u zei it all... u can always check on youtube if u type muziek illuminati you'll see a video explaining that theory...
Mrs-X posted een jaar geleden
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