Q:what's your favoriete Song?

I KNOW it's an overly done vraag but peoples tastes in muziek change (not that often though), so I would like to know yours.
Mine's I Can't Decide door Scissor Sisters.
 madening_mahem posted een jaar geleden
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carsfan said:
I have to much! xD

- Good Life door One RePublic
- Apologize door Timbaland
- Shut up, Im just a Kid, Save u and Untitled door Simple Plan

And Ive got WAYYyyyyyyyy more.... XD
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posted een jaar geleden 
yay Simple Plan
simpleplan posted een jaar geleden
Simple plan ftw.
BlindBandit92 posted een jaar geleden
Good Life? Same with me! Everytime I heard the song I feel like I'm in my private heaven.
DrJacksonLake posted een jaar geleden
Simple Plan is awesome..I love their lyrics.One Republic too
Brandey posted een jaar geleden
GoldnSnitch_96 said:
I love this, but it aint my fav.
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posted een jaar geleden 
It has a long intro, but be patient.
GoldnSnitch_96 posted een jaar geleden
BlindBandit92 said:
I have way too many.

1.Welcome to my life door Simple plan
2.Never too late door Three days grace
3.The diary of jane door Breaking benjamin
4.What I've done door Linkin park
5.Bullet for my valentine "Tears don't fall"
6.Bullet for my valenitne "Hand of blood"
7.Bowling for soep "1985"
8.Area-7 "individuality"
9.Nickelback "rockstar"
10.Paramore "Brick door boring brick"
11.Paramore "Ignorance"
12.Rise against "The good left undone"
13.Daughtry "It's not over"
14.Aerosmith "Dream on"
15.Bon jovi "You give love a bad name"
16.Joan jett "I love rock and roll"
17.Simple plan "I'm just a kid"
18.Evanescence "Bring me to life"
19.Evanescence "call me when your sober"
20.Fallout boy "Dance,dance"
21.Fallout boy "thanks for the memories"
22.Green dag "holiday"

And that's to name a few.
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posted een jaar geleden 
mindy890 posted een jaar geleden
i ♥ 1,2,7,9,18 and 21!!
mflorida posted een jaar geleden
i love number 2,4,10,11,22
rabigfan96 posted een jaar geleden
All good songs...
Brandey posted een jaar geleden
ChocoLuvr101 said:
Buono Tomato~~~
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posted een jaar geleden 
ivoryphills said:
"Angel" Within Temptation
"Hero" Skillet
"Creeping in my Soul" Cryoshell
"Trigger" Cryoshell
"So What" P!nk
"Anthem of the Angels" Breaking Benjamin
Yep, I listed alot, but since none of them are yours... u CAN'T SUE ME!
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posted een jaar geleden 
Gyroball13 said:
American: Faster- Matt Nathanson, Otis- Jay-Z and Kanye West, & Hollywood- Michael Bublé

Japanese: Easy Go!- Kato Kazuki

German: Beir Her lijkbaar, bier Her- Unknown
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posted een jaar geleden 
HyperSophz1 said:
I could take the long way, of the short way. Short way, so u stay interseded in my music, anything by:

The Donnas
Avril Lavigne
All American Rejects

YEAH, i cant choose one
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posted een jaar geleden 
DrJacksonLake said:
- Good Life (OneRepublic)
- If u Ever Come Back (The Script)
- Dental Care, Fireflies, Dreams Don't Turn to Dust (Owl City)
- Journey's End, Blink, Teenage Rebel, Still Not Ginger, almost all of Chameleon Circuit songs
- Clocks (Coldplay)
- Don't Stop Believin' (Journey)
- Your Song, Tiny Dancer, Bennie and The Jets (Elton John)
- Someone Like You, Chasing Pavements (Adele)
- Wish u Were Here (Pink Floyd)
- Devil Dressed in Blue (Right Away, Great Captain!)
- Man in The Mirror (Michael Jackson)
- It's Not Unusual (Tom Jones)
- citroen boom (Fool's Garden)
- I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing (Aerosmith)
- If I Die Young (The Band Perry)
- What The Hell (Avril Lavigne)
- Cuddle Fuddle, I've Got Your Number (Passion Pit)
- Speechless, Alejandro (Lady Gaga)
- Fairytale (Alexander Rybak)
- Waving Flag (K'Naan)
- Moves Like Jagger (Maroon 5 ft. Christina Aguilera)

Too many to mention.
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posted een jaar geleden 
You're awesome for putting Owl City in there. :]
thespikedturtle posted een jaar geleden
<3 lady gaga and coldplay
rabigfan96 posted een jaar geleden
YAY! Good Life! :D
carsfan posted een jaar geleden
JaseKS said:
Austin door Blake Shelton.

Now f you'll excuse me I must go sob in the corner, for this song depresses me.
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posted een jaar geleden 
thespikedturtle said:
Totally agree, muziek tastes do change.

Current favorite: Deer in the Headlights - Owl City

Way Away - Yellowcard
Walls - All Time Low
Born For This - Paramore
Stab My Back, Why Worry - All American Rejects
Crawling, Easier to Run - Linkin Park
Good Life - One Republic
Can't Catch Tomorrow - Lostprophets
Holiday - Green Day
Almost Everything - Wakey Wakey!
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posted een jaar geleden 
Lady10358 said:
1. We Own The Night-Selena Gomez
2. Super Bass-Nicki Minaj
3. Tonight-Hot Chelle straal, ray (whatever their name is)
4. When The Sun Goes Down-Selena Gomez
5. My World - Ginger vos, fox (iFix A Popstar)
6. Sexy Bitch-I DONT KNOW!
7. We Will Rock U-Queen
8. On The Floor-Jennifer Lopez
9. Judas-Lady Gaga
10. Breakout-Margaret SOMETHING
11. We R Who We R-Ke$ha
12. Hit The Lights-Selena Gomez
13. Smile-Avril Lavigne
14. We Own The Night-Selena Gomez
15. Wat The Hell-Avril Lavigne
aan het uploaden MORE...
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posted een jaar geleden 
llrulez said:
i love if eyes could speak and sparks will fly door devon werkeiser but their not my fav.

its a dumb video but the song nice!!!!!!!!
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posted een jaar geleden 
superstar45 said:
All I want is everything door Victoria justice
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posted een jaar geleden 
Lady10358 posted een jaar geleden
Jeffersonian said:
Don't Stop Believin' door Journey
If Everyone Cared door Nickelback
u Found Me door The Fray
Ghost Train door Marc Cohn

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posted een jaar geleden 
16falloutboy said:
My muziek taste will never change, my fave song now is Battlefield door Blind Guardian ^_^ I love this song so fucking much :D
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posted een jaar geleden 
mflorida said:
you're insane if u think i can choose only one.

[in no particular order]
1.Wish u were here-Avril Lavigne
2.I'd do anything-Simple Plan
3.Moment 4 Life-Nicki Minaj
4.Someone Like you-Adele
5.Atlantic-The Midway State
6.Bring me to life-Evanescence
7.Going Under-Evanescence
8.I'm With You-Avril Lavigne
9.Animal I have become-Three Days Grace
10.How to Save a Life-the fray
11.Beautiful Girl-Broken Iris
13.Airplanes-The ready set(cover of Airplanes-b.o.b ft. haley williams)
14.What the hell-Avril Lavigne
15.Skyscraper-Demi Lavato
16.Love the way u lie-Eminem ft. Rihanna
17.Thanks for the memories-Fall out boy
18.Smile-Avril Lavigne
19.Innocence-Avril Lavigne
20.You and Me-Lifehouse
22.Welcome to my Life-Simple Plan
23.Daily Anthem-David Cook
24.Things i'll never say-Avril Lavigne
25.I need a Doctor-Eminem/Skylar Grey/Dr.Dre
26.Perfect-Simple Plan
27.Don't talk to strangers-Hedley
28.Nobody's Home-Avril Lavigne
29.Clockworks-AutoPilot Off
30.Give u Hell-All-American Rejects
31.I should've Kissed You-Chris Brown(Chachi made me love this song
32.I wanna be-Chris Brown(Again,Chachi made me love this song)
33.If everyone cared-Nickelback
34.I miss you/Slipped away-Avril Lavigne
35.Hips Don't lie-Shakira
36.If I die young-The Band Perry
37.My immortal-Evanescence
38.Our time now-Plain White T's
39.Best Damn Thing-Avril Lavigne
40.Hallelujah-Rufus Wainwright
41.She will be loved-Maroon 5
42.Shadow of the day-Linkin Park
43.sharada-skye sweetnam(Just listen to it,and you'll see it perfectly describes Luna Lovegood)
44.Haven't had enough-Marianas Trench
45.Pumped up kicks-Foster the people
46.You and I-Lady Gaga
47.Fall to pieces-Avril Lavigne
48.Losing Grip-Avril Lavigne
50.Change-Taylor Swift
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posted een jaar geleden 
LeatherRain said:
Currently, this.
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posted een jaar geleden 
Animetama said:
at thi very moment, probably...
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posted een jaar geleden 
Seastar4374 said:
Any song that has the band name Owl City after it
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posted een jaar geleden 
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