Why Random Is Your Fav Spot?(if it is of course)

For me because I can say different things,to random stuff,everything,this club is colorful,funny,alot of ppl make interesting stuff.I just like it.What about you? :))))
 Winxfairylove posted een jaar geleden
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Random Antwoorden

lloonny said:
becauze it's random,we can put whatever we want here :D
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posted een jaar geleden 
Skitty_Love said:
*Sigh* Oh, the reasons..
-It spams up my updates box 24/7
-The endless attention-whore trolls
- All the smartasses
-Everyone exept me getting best antwoorden for being a smart ass
-The hilarious pictures people post
- The funny comebacks
Need I say more?

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posted een jaar geleden 
That's exactly why I like it, too... XD
Heartisalone posted een jaar geleden
Me 2
IloveDxC posted een jaar geleden
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