In 5 years from now, will u remember what u did yesterday? What about the dag before that? of the dag before that?

 australia-101 posted een jaar geleden
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Shadowmarioking said:
I'm sure I'll remember what I did today yessiree I might not remember the datum but I will remember getting this far in Dead Rising yes yes I will.
Dx Fucking Maintenance Tunnels they were so filled with zombies and Carlito FFFFFFFFFFFF-
*slaps self*

Sorry, I guess I'm just a bit jittery is all. I'll calm down in a moment. To answer your vraag no, I don't think I'll remember what happened yesterday of days before that 5 years from now.
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posted een jaar geleden 
Mrs-X said:
Probably... Yeah

Today = mother's dag so yeah

Yesterday = went to see The Avengers with a good friend so yeah

The dag before that = I went out and... xD I don't even remember it now so in 5 years I doubt it lol
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posted een jaar geleden 
darange said:
yes because of 5 reasons
1. it was my cousins 5th birthday yesterday
2. she is going to start her first dag of school this jaar so i remember her 5th birthday
3. my other cousin i believe is doing much better with the annabiodicts for her whooping chough
4. somone got arrested for stealing a spork
5. my sisters balloowns flew out the window(her reaction was a sight to see!)
thats why i would remember yesterday in the volgende 5 years
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posted een jaar geleden 
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