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Hello ladies and gentle men u have been chosen to enter the Dance Fight and Rap Battle of 2012 please take your time to think and sign up here!

How fast can u rap?:
Do u think u can beat the best of the best?:
Are u one of the best?:
How much confidence do u have?:

Please also answer the antwoorden above now just to let u know Freackoutnow and maybe egyptprincess7 are gonna set the rules but here's my rules for now

Rule #1. There will be no cheating
Rule #2. If there are any fights u of anyone who's in it will be sent out of the ring
Rule #3: have fun!!!

There will be meer rules later on those are the only ones I have and could think of

door the way Freakoutnow I just had to do something like this it grabs people's attention sometimes
Yes!!! It doesn't really matter how fast u rap, it's just how fast u can type it really.
Freakoutnow posted een jaar geleden
Well actually in some rap battles it does it gives u extra points actually
hikari_hiwatari posted een jaar geleden
 hikari_hiwatari posted een jaar geleden
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