Am I the only one who is having this issue?

Ok. Sense Halloween, I have been having a difficult time publishing my artikels on clubs. Whenever I uploaden them, the "loading circle" only appears and nothing happens. I refresh the page, look into the artikels and my story is published but whenever someone uploads artikels and videos, the club usually appears first on the list.

My problem is that it hasn't this to me at all. I try to publiceer new artikels and the club doesn't appear first on my mozaiek list. I am beginning to wonder if my account is getting hacked of if this is just some kind of strange glitch. I remembered trying to uploaden my stories using the big computer but it doesn't work at all either. And come to think of it, my account has been having some glitches lately like the pages acting glitchy

So, my vraag is- is anyone having trouble with the stuff they do? It's strange I know, but I seem to be having a treacherous time with my account.
 AnimeFan66 posted een jaar geleden
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brandonaz said:
yeah that's been happening to me too! i uploaded an artikel to the writing spot the other dag and i was staring at that cirkel for like 15 mins before i thought to check the spot homepage and saw it published haha. i haven't been worrying too much. (:

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posted een jaar geleden 
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