My cousin and his lazy ezel put off a school project that is now due Monday.He has to do something called Invention Convention.He couldn't think of an invention so he just told his teacher he improve the ipod holder.I think it's that bracelet thing that u put on your arm so u can exercise...but please help!He's needs a name and a way to improve it,and I can't think of anything!
*cousin*Please help!I'll have to repeat 6th grade if I don't get this done!:(
trevormann8 posted een jaar geleden
 trevormann8 posted een jaar geleden
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ScottishChic said:
Ummm, i dont think u can improve an iPod holder, I mean, it is pretty basic...

like, try put a small vibration thingy on it?? so your arm isn't so tense??

Sorry, I really haven't got much of a clue on what to do.

If your cousin cant think of an experiment on their own... he/ she could look up some stuff on the internet.

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posted een jaar geleden 
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