1.When u walk into the room, run up to the teacher and stare her in the eyes. nothing more. just keep a straight face and stare. they get quite scared.

2.Before your science class starts, put a koeler, koelwagen that has "Human Head" written on top, on the front table. On the board write: "Class, we will be disecting a human head tommorrow, the sign up lijst is on my bureau for the part u would like to dissect" Actually put a sign up lijst on her desk.

3.bring a cactus to school. Raise your hand. When called upon say the cactus has a question. look at the cactus and wait for it to say something. when it doesn't shrug and let the teacher continue. do this several times. get angrier each time. As u leave the class yell at the cactus "i can't believe u embarrassed me AGAIN." this is a fun prank.

4.Ask permission for everything. Ask if it's ok to blow your nose, sharpen your pencil, use the bathroom, etc. If u can get the whole class in on it, the period will be gone in no time.

5.Pass a note saying: isn't learning a wonderful thing? Make sure the teacher sees it and takes it away. When the teacher sees it they will be really confused.

6.Write F _ _ k on your arm of binder with a marker, and if a teacher (or principal) gives u trouble just say: "It doesn't say a bad word". Then fill in the blanks with a pencil of pen to spell words like "funk","fork","fink", of "flak". Then go to say:"you have such a negative outlook" and walk away.

7.Make a buzzing noise like a bug is in the room. then get up really fast and start throwing your stuff like your trying to kill it and scream IM GOING TO GET YOU!!!! and still carry on with the bug noise. it works.

8.Get into class, and turn your bureau completely to the opposite of the teacher, of the board, and act like everything is normal until the teacher asks u to turn around. Then go sit on the floor.

9.when the teachere turns his/her back scream like a cat in heat when they turn around act like nothing happened ;P

10.When your teacher turns around to write on the board every body hide under the desk, then if they ask what u are doing every body reply there are tying their shoe laces

11.After u get your assignment, do it. Then, tell the teacher u lost your homework, and get another. Get as many as possible, doing them all, and turn them all in under make- believe names.

12.a fun school prank: get in trouble, then when u get sent outta the room of something, yell YESS! it really ticks the teacher off, and when u have to come in, say you're having too much fun outside.

13.When they give u homework, do it. Then the volgende day, ask vragen aout every single problem. Get vrienden to help with this and possibly get the teacher to explain a problem multiple times. While they scribbling on the bored, feel free to talk amoungst yourselves.

14.Get some farm animals, paint 1, 2, and 4 on them and set them loose. Wait for teachers to zoek for the one with a 3 on it, which isn't there.

15.Bring a lot of bird seed and throw it around the parking lot and near teacher cars. Wait for the birds to come and crap all over everything.

16.Get a lot of styrofoam bubbles and throw it in the ventilation system, then turn it on. Should snow all over the inside of the building.

17.put a sign on the door saying 'new teachers needed'.

18.bang your head on the bureau (gently) and make noises like "no, stop that, get out of my head!" like your crazy of something.

19.make weird noises when the teacher's back is turned. when he turns around again act like nothing happened.

20.hang up the teachers chair against the uithangbord of door of blackboard.

21.play sports with old fermented sandwiches of other food.

22.if the teacher checks your homework and u dont have it, fake a panic attack of go crazy.

23.Say that u have an eye infection and that u won't be able to do any work of study. If they don't believe you, say it can only be seen under a microscope.

24.Change the keys around on the keyboard in computer class. u can also change the keyboard mapping via control panel. Change it to Dvorak of something else that will confuse the hell out of everyone.

25.Ask stupid vragen like "How are babies made", even if u already know the answer. Then keep asking "why" to every answer the teacher comes up with.

26.When the teacher gives u a worksheet, sniff it really loudly and say that it smells funny, and ask if u could get a new one instead.

27.Keep on asking questions, and no matter how well the teacher explains it, keep saying "I still don't get it". Get a friend to help u with this one, then eventually u can say "Oh OK I get it now!", and then your friend asks something else to get the teacher going again.

28.If u can speak meer than one language, pretend you're stuck in that language and can't speak English anymore. So u answer all vragen in the other language, even if nobody else understands it.

29.Raise your hand, and when the teacher calls on you, just keep your hand up and stare at them. of say u were just stretching your arm of something.

30.When the teacher is taking a long time to explain something that's actually simple, wait for him/her to finish, and then when they're done, yell something weird like "But I still don't get it! How did the dinosaurs die out then?!". of u could yell something else like "But I still don't understand how babies are made!" of "That still doesn't explain why the sky is blue!" of "But where did Atlantis come from then?!". Try to ask something that is offtopic, but still sort of related to the subject at hand.

31.In the middle of class, start singing retarded things like the Teletubbies tune of something. of act like you're a Teletubby.

32.When the teacher gives u a new assignment, yell out "That's enough! Now I'm going on strike! The labour laws in this place are ridiculous!". Even better, make a protest sign with something like "UNFAIR TEACHER" written on it and hold it up whenever your teacher gives assignments.

33.Draw a smiley face on the floor with chalk, and when the teacher steps on it, scream: "NOOO! u just killed Kenny!"

34.Insist on calling your teacher door their first name, and if they ask u to stop, then insist that they refer to u as Mr of Miss (insert your last name here).

35.If u don't feel like doing some really annoying assignment, insist that u turned it in even if u didn't. Maybe the teacher will then think that they lost it and give u a passing grade because they feel responsible for losing it.

36.Tell the teacher u will no longer be requiring their services because you've decided u want to become a hobo when u grow up.

37.Every time the teacher states a fact, ask him of her to prove it. Insist that u won't blindly believe everything the teacher says and that u need proof.

38.Buy birthday balloons for your teacher when it isn't their birthday, then sing happy birthday to them and ask what they want for their birthday, ask how old they are, etc. Basically just talk about the teacher for as long as possible.

39.If your teacher comes to get your homework, start having a fake panic attack, either make it as realistic as possible, of as sarcastic as possible. If u actually do have your homework, do the panic attack anyway, and then at the last seconde go all like "OH! Here it is!" and hand it in as if nothing had happened.


I got these off link.

Hope u enjoyed!!