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Just when we thought Facebook couldn’t impact our lives anymore, it found another way.

An Israeli couple has named their baby Like, after the Like button on Facebook. We’ve heard some unique names in our time, but this one is a bit silly. The couple claims they thought the name sounded “modern and innovative.”

Facebook did not pay the couple, obviously, but this incident shows how large a role social media play in our lives. volgende thing u know, parents will start naming their children, Facebook. Wait, that actually happened earlier this year! A man in Egypt named his daughter Facebook to express “his joy at the achievements made door the January 25 youth.”

Now we turn to our community. What do u think of these names? What’s the most unusual name you’ve ever heard of?

Thanks for reading.
posted by energizerbunny
Ok, so I have a 17 jaar old brother, he's 3 and 1/2 years older than me, and he's annoying

He can be real stupid, he plays with fire, makes bombs, and he jumps dangerous ramps

He's also very bossy, everytime I leave something laying around he's always like "you need to pick that up"..Isn't it the parents job to tell me what to do!!

He has a real smart mouth...you can hardly say ANYTHING without him being all sarcastic and smart about it, he thinks he's so perfect!

He gets hyper late at night...Ok, so it's getting kinda late and I'm on the computer, and I wanna settle down, and he's yelling and...
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posted by princess829
I've always been interested in guys
Guys that come and go
But the first time I saw you, I knew u were her to stay
Or were you? Now that I know our "happily ever after" was all just a big lie!
Oh, oh, oh

I'm about to have my hart-, hart broken into two
One piece for me and one piece for you
I'll keep mine for the cherished memories
While u go hand yours over to your new girl
And have the cycle repeat itself all over again
Oh, oh
But tonight I'm about to have my hart-, hart broken into two
And theres nothing u can do

Maybe none of this would've happened
If I hadn't drunk any Mountain Dew that day
Then I wouldn't...
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posted by Dippicus
Found these:

1) Find a six letter word which has an l in the middle, in the beginning, and at the end. Be careful

2) Find two words that have two consecutive a's that are not at the beginning of the word.

3) Find a word that has three pairs of two of the same letters right after one another. Hint: the word contains "ookkee".

Answers: 1. inland (in-l-and)
2. Choices include baazar, baaing, ma;am
3. bookkeeper

Keep looking for meer puzzles cuz I'll publiceer some more!

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posted by twilight0girl
zydrate addicts:"i cant feel nothin at all.."
Graverobber:"drug market,submarket,sometimes i wonder why i ever got in.blood market,love market,sometimes i wonder why they need me at all! zdrate comes in a little glass vile..

shiloh:a little glass vile?
zydrate addicts:a little glass vile!

Graverobber:and the little glas vile goes into the gun like a battery.and the gun goes somewhere against your anatomy

zydrate addicts:Ahh,ahh

and when the gun goes off it sparks and your ready for surgery..surgery

Amber sweet:Graverobber..graverobber
sometimes i wonder why i even bother..graverobber..graverobber,sometimes...
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posted by Bibelot
Washington Post Competition asked for a two line rhyme with the most romantic first line and least romantic seconde line.
This is the (hands down!!) winner...

'My darling,my love,my beautiful life;
Marrying u simply demolished my life.

I see your face when i'm dreaming;
That's why i always wake up screaming.

Kind, intelligent, loving and HOT;
This describes everything you're not.

I want to feel your sweet embrace;
But don't take the paper bag off your face.

I love your smile, your face, your eyes;
Damn,I'm good at telling lies!!!.'
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if u take this video seriously u should hit yourself with a banaan
Almost every joke Deadpool makes in that movie is way funnier than anything Hetalia has to offer.
pointy things
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Nice job there being assertive, Fluttershy.
regenboog dash
my little pony friendship is magic
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