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Just when we thought Facebook couldn’t impact our lives anymore, it found another way.

An Israeli couple has named their baby Like, after the Like button on Facebook. We’ve heard some unique names in our time, but this one is a bit silly. The couple claims they thought the name sounded “modern and innovative.”

Facebook did not pay the couple, obviously, but this incident shows how large a role social media play in our lives. volgende thing u know, parents will start naming their children, Facebook. Wait, that actually happened earlier this year! A man in Egypt named his daughter Facebook to express “his joy at the achievements made door the January 25 youth.”

Now we turn to our community. What do u think of these names? What’s the most unusual name you’ve ever heard of?

Thanks for reading.
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posted by 90sfan
Take this kwis to find out if you're "out of the ordinary".

1.You forgot your homework at home pagina and your teacher wants to know why.You say:
A."I forgot it." B."My pet dragon had babies on it."

2.Uh-oh.Your dad accidently locked u out of the house...AGAIN.What do u do?
A.You try to call him from downstairs. B.You get out you're trusty spoon and attempt to dig a hole through the wall.

3.A dog starts to talk to you.You...
A.Run away,screaming. B.Start to break-dance for no reason.

4.For creative writing class,your essay is about...
A.Snowboarding. B.Giant wrestling mice.

5.You're walking into the store.You...
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posted by hetaliaitaly
Well here u are
at the edge of the abyss...

at the beginning of infinity

heaven of hell

an afterlife
or a nothingness

or an eternity of suffering ?

Does anyone really know ?

Why have u come here ?
What do u need ?

To Find a Way to Live ?

Maybe u want to take them to die . . . ?

But I ask u now..
how many of these pills

would u take each dag to live ?

To feel good, normal good, like everyone else ?

Stable, not depressed, even happy, but normal ?

These are some of the pills I take every day

to save my life.

They are not herbs of antidepressants.

I feel happy, I feel...
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There was an orphan named Taylor,but if I'm gonna tell u the story,let me start from the beginning!:
Taylor:Mom!We're outta Clean diapers!
Mom:Coming!Okay here let me do it!
Taylor:Fine!Amber!Come on,time for bed!!!
Amber:(younger sister)NO!!ONE meer HOUR!!
Taylor:MOM WANTS u IN BED!NOW!!*Picks up*
Amber:PUT MR DOWN!!!NOW!!!!
Taylor:*Goes in bedroom*Okay!STAY IN HERE!*Locks Door*
Taylor:Mom!I'll put Charm to bed!
*3 minuten later*
Taylor:Finally!I can go to bed.Night Mom!
4:00am At night
Taylor:*Wakes up*AH!Oh good it's just a dream.Mom.
MOM.MOM!!Mom?Where is she?*hears ruckus*MOM!!!*Runs downstairs*MOM!!WHERE ARE YOU???*Hears door shut*
MOM!!!*Goes In basement*MOM!!!*Sees mom with blood running down head*MOM!!911!!!
posted by IloveDxC
1. I hate stereotypes, people should not judge a person before knowing him/her.
2. I don't like teachers, half the time they are giving u detentions of criticizing your work.
3. I hate bullies, what do they gain from hurting someone else.
4. I don't like karma. I have been nice so many times and have never been rewarded. But my enemy who always laughs at me gets rewarded. For being mean.
5. I hate my hair. It goes bushy if I don't relax it.
6. I don't like my best friend. I'm always there for her but she DITCHES ME EVERY SINGLE dag and I always forgive her.
7. I hate it when people do the "Asian...
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posted by TruBerries
Yes, it is I, TruBerries. The one that always keeps it real whether u want to hear it of not. The one that can be too much real for anyone to handle and therefore, if u can't handle of stand the heat, get out the kitchen!

Now, it seems to me, that there's repeated vragen that are getting a lot of people irritated, but u know, I've came to terms to decide NOT to answer the question(s) no matter how overrated they are. I must admit that I don't mind the 'What do u think of me?' questions( well as long as u don't put a personal foto up 'cause everyone could careless on what u look...
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Yo, so Imma put vragen on here about Facebook I'm really curious about. Hopefully I'll be able to get some answers....

- Why must parents like every single picture u put up?!

- Why do some people 'like' EVERY. SINGLE. COMMENT. someone puts on their status. When the commentaar isn't even special, it's just like "hello." of something. of picture, whatever they posted.... Like this: *they post pic of self* My comment: Woah it's you. *they like comment* Um... okay...

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posted by Musiclover456
I'm sorry to those who i can't help
I'm sorry to those who are abused
I'm sorry to those who are alone
I'm sorry to those who are different
I'm sorry I'm not normal

I'm sorry i can't live how i want to
I'm sorry I'm different
I'm sorry people suffer
I'm sorry to those who know me
I feel so sorry for existing in this world
because I cause nothing but pain to those I love
because those who know me end up suffering
that's why I'm always so sorry
I say I'm sorry to the world
because I exist
How is breaking Dawn Part 1 even going to be PG-13 with the serious scenes?!

Have u seen them?

It's so serious!
Too much!
Nessi(my cousin) won't be able to see it!
It is a lot..
I might even wait until it's on demand!
I'm sorry... Are u sure this is PG-13?
That's real? Yeah, real serious bull...
I'm shocked.


And my daughters want to see THAT?!
I got kids who are barely 10 and want to see it? No way!
Woah... My children will still see it... Just after the movie, I'll knock 'em out hard enough so they won't remember!

My Opinion

It's way too much for kids....
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posted by ShiningsTar542
It can be hard at times, but for some girls it is no problem to be vrienden with an ex.

The key is in how the relationship has ended. It's important that there is no anger and no one has cheated. If this is true for u then it is meer than possible that with a little time u two can go back to being friends.

vrienden and just friends. u must be clear about what u want. Sometimes when we pretend to want to be vrienden with our ex, we are really looking to get back together. Sometimes this is what u want and it works, but if it goes wrong then things will be even worse.

Give him space. If after some time apart u still want to continue to spend time together without wanting to be a couple, then u are ready to be vrienden again!

-source: justjared T.V show<>
posted by My8thUsername
A/N: Before u ask, no, this isn't my story. I just heard is somewhere. A LONG time ago. Please don't sue me if this is yours! *Sobs* I'M TOO YOUNG TOO DIE!!!

Once upon a time there was a man. I don't know his name. Lets call him George. So...George isn't fat, he's just...a little over-weight. Just a little. And he doesn't like it. Not one bit. So he tries dieting. It doesn't work. He can't help it, he just can't go for over three days without going to MacDonalds. He does this for a couple months, starting diets and ditching them when he gets too hungry. Finally, he gets so fed up with this...
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posted by darkkhorn19

Darkhorn: Grandpa, we're at the movies... -_-"

Grandpa: Oh...well, u kids these days with your movies, and your 3-D, and your sodie-pop, and your rap music, and your Ipods, and your Playstaions, and your Nintendo, and your Gothic clothing, and your Xbox, and your Gamecubes, and your Internet, and your air conditioning, and your Starbucks, and your emo hair, and your leather pants, and your pony's, and your Bible's, and your modern art, and your penis's, and your tools, and your jaguar skin leopards, and your endarngered species and your spears and your evolution,...
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