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posted by Animetama
Here are some tips on getting a shy of quiet girl, please read closley but try not to over read it.

1: Make her laugh, she loves to laugh and have a good time.

2: Don't force her to open up right away, get to know her, u may be surprized (in a good way).

3: Smile, she wants to know if you're happy too. But don't fake a smile.

4: Don't be too silly, of too serious, as zei before, she wants to have a good time.

5: if she rejects your offers, then it means she may not be intrerested in you.

6: Hang out with her, if your still in school, then that's a good oppertunity to every once in awhile hang out with her.

7: Be yourself, because if u don't and she finds out your pretending, she won't like that.

8: take things slowly, including friendship, romance, ect.

9: Make sure u gain her trust, she'll enjoy that very much, but if u break it, you'd be lucky to get her back.

10: become vrienden with her before dating her, she'll feel meer comfortable with being in your arms.

11: Once you've got her, it wouldn't hurt to every once in awhile tell her that u love her and give her a gift. But not all the time because that would be overwhelming.

12: Make sure it's ok to kiss her and toon affection to her in public, some girls don't like that!

13: listen to her, and when she's done talking respond. It's ok to tell the truth.

14: flirting with other girls isn't ok, even if it isn't in front of the girl u love gossip can get around, and could make her feel unspecial.

15: u don't have to be a gentlemen all the time, if she's a pervert on the inside then be perverted. If she's kind and caring then be kind and caring. Just remember WHO u ARE.
posted by dreamcatcher321
Let me tell u who i am. Why I'm here.

I believe i was born for artistic purposes. There was a point in my life where I was about to give up. I would stay up in my bed all night and write suicide notes. Highschool wasn't doing shit for me.

But then, I opened my eyes and saw something beautiful, a chance to make things right. to make my mother proud.

My brother is in college. Art college. He is studying game effects. He was my rolemodel in the art department, even though he's bully me in his free time. I would admire his drawings he'd make. He was a huge Dragon Ball nerd, and he's always be trying...
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Even if u don't appreciate anime of Japanese music, u must listen to this. There's no lyrics, it's just plain pretty.
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Guys from my school dancing and kruis dressing for our entertainment :P haha how they amuse me
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the mean kitty
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the mean kitty
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