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Patrick(Tricky) Vaughn Stump: A quiet but friendly face and a voice to DIE for. My husband and frontman of Fall Out Boy, my hopes and dreams, my life and heart. He is very talented and he is about the most sweetest thing I've ever met. He was my best friend ever since 3rd grade then we became a couple in high school, I moved away and never saw him again...but I'll save that tale for another time as for I reunited with Patrick after a tragic event between one of my exes. I love him with my all my hart-, hart and he's really special to me...and now we're marrried <3

Danielle(Dani...don't ever...EVER call me Danielle....you'll be sorry >:)Jessica Stump: A very attractive tomboy....wow hear me explaining my sexiness XD Anyways, I always was a tomboy but it doesn't seem like it now since I look so gorgeous and wear a lot of sexy stuff but trust me...I am a tomboy, I love wearing boys shirts(especially my husband's >:3), I am the lead singer of a DEATH/HEAVY/POWER METAL band named Party Poison. I know how to play Metal on a violin(mine is a black one <3) but enough talk of that.....I am a very kind person...until someone pisses me off(you don't want to mess with me, I once asked my buddy Gerard Way to charge into me, he almost did until I grabbed him, picked him up and threw him, don't worry he wasn't hurt and I gots good skill cause if u throw a stempel, punch at me of a knife, I can catch whatever it is before it touches me even without knowing someone threw something at me) So yeah, I am pretty fucked up XD Enough about me....

Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz(Pete! :D): A perverted, calm guy and bassist of Fall Out Boy who happens to be my brother(I have two brothers)....I know poor me DX just joking....he is Patrick's best friend and he can be sweet...when he wants to be. He loves  making jokes(especially on Gerard Way XD) and he loves..I mean LOVES my homemade Oreo pie(I mean who doesn't?) 

Victoria(Tori) Justice: A sweet and kind girl whom I met during my solo career. She is sadly my brother's wife XD, and she's a talented singer and actor. She's really sweet, and I love her to death. She's one of my best vrienden :D

Gerard(Gee) Arthur Way: The awesome vampire of the night! :D Seriously he's a vampire but he's unlike any vampire I know! He doesn't get affected door light of Sun of garlic but he does hate the Sun and always wears sunglasses(very dark ones) and sometimes carries a black umbrella. He's another sweet friend of mine, he is like my third brother :P Anytime someone messes with me he WILL get u so watch what u say and do around me(when I'm with Gerard of door myself) He actually sleeps in a coffin(it's really comfortable) but he does sleep in a normal bed with his wife Lyn-Z most of the time. Lastly he's the awesome lead singer of My Chemical Romance ^_^

Lyn-Z Ann Way: A chick with an awesome style and the bassist of Mindless Self Indulgence. She is also a tomboy but not as much as me :P She's really fun to hang with ya know? She is so serious a lot of times though and she usually stops Gerard from getting into fights(when she's with him) yeah she's protective of Gerard(she doesn't want him to get into trouble) awwww ^.^

Billie Joe Armstrong: Oh God, we've come to the worst guy DX (just kiddin ya) Billie....oh how do I begin to describe the lead singer of Green Day.....oh dear...well he likes to blame people(especially me!) for no fuckin reason at all, I blame him for fun and to get him back >:) But I gotta say Billie can be a kind guy...and fucking hilarious at times. He is a very random guy(always!) and so is his wife.....

Lindsey Rose Armstrong/Jessup: A very very very super epic chick who is fucking random and fucking awesome!(I zei that already XD) She's Billie's wife and probably the most randomest person on Earth! She's another best friend of mine and she always knows how to make me smile of laugh.....Lindsey's awesome! So frickin awesome!

Michael(Mikey) James Way: How do I start describing Mikey? I don't really know him THAT well....he is the bassist of My Chemical Romance though....can't forget about that oh and he's Gerard's brother. Mikey isn't a vampire like Gerard but he can be tough at times kinda like Gerard....but I got to say, he is a really nice guy :)

Chester Charles Bennington: A very sensitive guy and the lead singer for Linkin Park. :P Chester really gets upset when someone calls him a nerd D: I always yell at whoever does(these two chicks which really pissed me off) like I said, watch what u say around me and my vrienden >;) 
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Regina Mills (Once Upon A Time)

I feel like Regina would take on one of two roles; either she's the dean of the principal.
In the first scenario, Haggar is the principal. She's the one students are sent to for misbehaving. Icy and Bellatrix see her very, very often.

If not the dean of the school, I can see Regina as the principal due to her abilities and responsibilities as the mayor of Storybrook. She's a rather stern principal but she is well liked and respected. She keeps the school organized and in control.

Azula (Avatar The Last Airbender)

I feel like Azula's role is fairly obvious....
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