Hello,what's up guys and gals?SilentBorse is in the house(why do I even use this stupid intro?) and today I will be counting down my top, boven 100 power ballads just because I felt like it.If u love power ballads the same way as I do than this is the right artikel for u but if u hate them u should just kindly go away from this article.Also if u expecting linken then I'm sorry because I was too lazy to add them.
Anyways I hope that u will enjoy this article.Now lets start the list*takes deep breath*:
1.Europe-Open Your Heart
2.Scorpions-Still Loving You
3.Steelheart - She's Gone
4.Nitro-Don't Go
5.Nazareth-Love Hurts
6.Kiss-Who Wants To Be Lonely
7.Skid Row-18 and Life
8.Whitesnake-Is this Love?
10.Joan Jett-Little Liar
11.Scorpions-You Give Me All I Need
12.Kiss-A Million To One
13.Whitesnake-Here I Go Again
14.Kiss-I still Love You
15.W.A.S.P.-Sleeping in the Fire
16.Cinderella-Nobody's Fool
17.Kiss-Reason to Live
18.White Lion-You're All I Need
19.Dokken-Alone Again
20.Def Leppard- Too Late For Love
21.Bon Jovi-Always
23.XYZ-When I Find Love
24.Whitesnake-Looking for Love
25.Bon Jovi-Bed of Roses
28.Bonnie Tyler-Take Me Back
29.Scorpions-Lonely Nights
30.Bonnie Tyler-Total Eclipse of the Heart
31.Alice Cooper-Hell Is Living Without You
32.Bonnie Tyler-Take Another Look At Your Heart
33.Guns 'n' Roses-November Rain
34.Scorpions-Send Me An Angel
35.Guns'n'Roses-Don't Cry
36.White Lion-Broken Heart
37.Warrant-Sometimes She Cries
38.Twisted Sister-The Price
39.Heart-What about Love?
40.Scorpions-When u Came Into My Life
41.Mötley Crüe-You're All I Need
42.Kiss-Tears Are Falling
43.White Lion-Till Death Do Us Part
44.Scorpions-Are u The One?
45.White Lion-When the Children Cry
46.Whitesnake-The Deeper The Love
47.Ozzy ft Lita Ford-Close My Eyes Forever
49.W.A.S.P-Trail of Tears
50.Firehouse-I Live My Life For You
51.Scorpions-Wind of Change
52.XYZ-After the Rain
53.Iron Maiden-Wasting Love
54.Roxette-Listen To Your Heart
55.Scorpions-When Love Kills Love
56.Queen-Show Must Go On
57.Heart-These Dreams
58.Firehouse-Love of a Lifetime
59.Whitesnake - Now You're Gone
60.Queensryche - Silent Lucidity
61.Danger Danger-I Still Think About You
62.Winger-Headed for a Heartbreak
63.Skid Row-I Remember You
64.Quiet Riot-Don't Wanna Be Your Fool
65.Firehouse-When I Look Into Your Eyes
66.Europe-I'll Cry For You
67.Van Halen-When It's Love
69.W.A.S.P.-Forever Free
70.Poison-Life Loves A Tragedy
71.Valentine - Tears In The Night
72.W.A.S.P.-What I'll Never Find
73.Winger-Miles Away
74.Posion-Life Goes On
75.Cinderella-Don't Know What u Got(Till Its Gone)
76.W.A.S.P-The Idol
77.Journey-Open Arms
79.Skid Row - Wasted Time
80.Bad English-When I See u Smile
81.W.A.S.P- Hold On To My Heart
82.Tangier - Since You've Been Gone
83.Aerosmith-Dream On
84.W.A.S.P- Keep Holding Out
85.Deff Leppard-Bringin' on the Heartbreak
86.Cinderella-Coming Home
88.Valentine - Tears In The Night
89.Danger Danger-Don't Walk Away
90.Nelson-(Can't Live Without Your) Love And Affection
91.Van Halen - Love Walks
92. Aerosmith-Cryin
93.Survivor-Ever Since the World Began
94.Cinderella-Heartbreak Station
95.Great White-Save Your Love
96.Europe- Coast to Coast
97.Autograph - Everytime I Dream
98.Tesla- Love Song
99.Autograph - meer Than A Million Times
100.Kix-Don't Close Your Eyes