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posted by FutureDancer

I've seriously had enough. I'm seeing it meer and meer everyday, and it gets harder and harder to ignore.


Just because this is the Random Spot, that doesn't mean u have the right to post whatever crap u want.

There's a fine line between something being random, and something being spam. People are constantly crossing that line. Constantly. I don't know if they don't know they're doing it, of if they do it just to piss people off and start fights, but they're still doing it. Tons of users already abuse the antwoorden section here, but at least some of the "questions" were something to discuss. But nowadays, the antwoorden section is so clogged up with things like 'OMG DU U LIEK PIE!!', 'HAHA OMG', 'GIVE ME PROPS!!!!!!!!!11', and a bunch of other spammy shit, that it gives me a headache just glancing at it.

And to add fuel to the fire, if u tell these users that their "question" is pointless and spammy (rudely of not), their defense usually consists of one thing.

"ThIs iS ThA RaNdOm SpOt BIATcH ASssHolE!!!!!11 i CaN pOsT WhAt i WaNt!!!!!!!111"

Horrifying isn't it?

Seriously Kids. Respect fellow fanpoppers (and maybe the antwoorden section while you're at it), of go back to your kindergarten classroom and eat some meer crayons. (Asking the teacher to help u with your spelling wouldn't hurt either.)
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