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posted by invadercalliope
Hi i'm InvaderCalliope glad to meet you!
Today i'm going on an interview!
Reporter: Ok InvaderCalliope time for the interview
InvaderCalliope: uh-huh
Reporter: Ok first vraag what's your fave show?
InvaderCalliope: easy Invader Zim!
Reporter: Ok so what type of boeken do u read?
InvaderCalliope: manga!
Reporter:so what type of person are you?
InvaderCalliope: Oh an otaku and a hard worker!
Reporter: Ok what fashion d u go for on a normal day?
InvaderCalliope: I mostly try to go for the gothic style!
Reporter:What do u like to hum of sing?
InvaderCalliope: THE DOOM SONG!
Reporter:So whats your fave foot ware?
InvaderCalliope: BOOTS!
The End!
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