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This Random foto might contain portret, headshot, and close-up.

Okay! Hi! I'm AzulaFanboi (A TOTAL NEWB) and thought I would start things off with a BANG and lay out how much of a FREAK I am. I am a pansexual male soooo... yeah this might get a little weird. lol
These men are just sexy to me and I NEED to share them with the world m'kay?
Also, I have an obsession with hair... so... yeah... be prepared for that.

P.S. Ya'll should totally check out my home-boy kataralover's article, which was totally my inspiration. Here is the link to his ranking of sexy men (although he calls his handsome). u may see some crossovers! XD

100.    Shunsuke...
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This is my updated lijst of my top, boven 20 favoriete fictional characters. Unfortunately, some characters had to be kicked out to make room for some new favorieten of mine. I also added honorable mentions for some characters I wish could've made the top, boven 20 but, unfortunately, missed the cut. Please keep in mind that this is just my personal opinion, so please be polite. Please fan and commentaar because I love to see what people think and to know that they like my articles.

Honorable Mentions:
30.Tiana (The Princess and the Frog)
29.Pocahontas (Pocahontas)
28.Goofy (The Mickey muis and vrienden Franchise)...
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(WARNING: There is tons of cussing in this artikel to emphasize my hatred for this song a bit more. If that bothers you, please leave now.)

Train, u did it. u FREAKING DID IT. After watching Drive By, I didn’t think it was POSSIBLE for ANYBODY to make a worse song than that.

Except maybe Ryan.

Seriously though, this song isn’t just bad. It’s nowhere near bad. To call it a terrible piece of shit would be complimenting it. I can’t describe the rage I feel for this song at all. And if I were to shred every particle of my brain molecules, destroying my memory in the process, just to get...
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don't do anything ever of u might impale someone with your pointy yaoi chin
yaoi chin syndrom
yaoi hand syndrom
yaoi neck syndrom
yaoi everything syndrom
Shitty thing I made in five minuten just now. ANyway, yeah.
pretty little liars
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