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Though they are not "The Lion King"... LOL XD
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This Random foto might contain leeuw, koning der dieren, panthera leo, and koning der beesten.

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posted by randomgirl3000
1-How are you?
2-Do u ever wish u were someone else?
4-What is your entire name?
5-How old are you?
6-Age u get mistaken for:
7-Your zodiac/horoscope and if u think it fits your personality:
8-What did u do on your last birthday?
9-What is one thing u would like to accomplish before your volgende birthday?
10-What is your hair color?
11-Have u ever dyed your hair?
12-What is your eye color?
13-If u could change your eye color, would you?
14-Do u wear contacts/glasses?
15-Your opinion about your body and how confortable u are with it:
16-Have u ever considered plastic surgery? What would...
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posted by nivi20997

"The Heat" and "Man of Steel" Lead Third Wave with Most Nominations
Lucy Hale, Ian Somerhalder, Laura Marano and Leven Rambin among Choice Stars Scheduled to Appear

The final tide of nominees has been announced for TEEN CHOICE 2013, airing LIVE Sunday, Aug. 11 (8:00-10:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed) on FOX. "The Heat" and "Man of Steel" lead the third wave with five nominations each, while cable drama "The Fosters" garnered four nominations.

Fans ages 13-19 can vote once each dag per category for their...
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posted by hetaliaitaly
I must admit that I have often thought
of leaving it all behind and letting everything go

I was lost and alone, as I always am,
So many people around me,
Yet no one seems to care.

They say they understand and love me very much,
But just when I Trust to love, they forget and verplaats on.

I held the mes so close
as tears, mixed with blood,
Began to fall slowly.
Like a foolish child I cried.

Knowing that I could end it all now
made my mind draw a blank.

I put the mes away and tried to wipe the blood,
that ran faster than I can describe.

I knew suicide wasn't the answer I was looking for.
I knew there was a reason for me being alone.

So many bad things happening at once -
They can make u forget
About the good qualities of life.

Even though life is hard,
and trouble an inevitable part of it.

If u decide to leave it all behind,
maybe u will,
but I can guarantee that others
....Your Mistake will haunt
This test is only for girls, so if u are a guy, buzz off!
This is a fun test u can chain mail to with any peeps of even family. Enjoy! (Won't work on fanpop of any other site, only used for emails)

P.S please say in commentaren what u think of it!

FRIEND I don't really know if this test is true of not but the antwoorden actually were the same as my personality Well, all i have to say to u people is, try the test it's actually kinda fun!! 

This is no joke. It works (from experience). 

DO NOT just wis this. DO...
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posted by hetaliaitaly
1. Why don't u go hump a teddy of something.

2. Stuff it up ya jumper.

3. go eat a dog shit

4. go suck ya mum

5. die block head

6. stick ya head in a feed bag

7. yo dawg go eat ya chum

8. yah smell like a fart

9. i may be dumb but im not stupid

(ok i know some of these are mean and some i would never use and i can add some meer if u wan't me to I CAN ADD A MILLION meer MUWAHAHAAAAAAAAA ............................................................................................................HAVE A NICE DAY)
posted by pure-angel
Dost thou love life?
Then do not squander time,
for that is the stuff life is made of.
Benjamin Franklin

Life is either a daring adventure of nothing.
Helen Keller

Life is like a game of cards. The hand that is dealt u represents determinism; the way u play it is free will.
Jawaharal Nehru

Life is like the dice that, falling, still toon a different face. So life, though it remains the same, is always presenting different aspects.

Our life's a stage, a comedy: either learn to play and take it lightly, of beer its troubles patiently.

The geat blessing of mankind are within us and...
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posted by GreenerPastures
These are some reasons why I abso-flipping-lutely love my smashing country Kenya:
1-Its where the President of the sovereign United States of America traces his roots,albeit a little too far off.
2- Its the only place u can hear phrases like:"Omera,yawa, who do u think u are messing with? Don't u know that my brother has a friend who wipes the office of a man who makes long-distance calls to the friend of a man who works with the president of the FBI who talks face-to-face with Obama, therefore I have American blood flowing in my veins?" Yet the poor guy is as black as coal.
3-The glam...
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posted by iluvsmj
"I'm hungry." = I'm hungry.

"I'm sleepy." = I'm sleepy.

"I'm tired." = I'm tired.

"Do u want to go to a movie?" = I'd eventually like to have sex with you.

"Can I take u out to dinner?" = Same as Above

"Can I call u sometime?" = Same as Above

"Nice dress!" = Nice cleavage!

"You look tense, let me give u a massage." = I want to feel your bare skin

"What's wrong?" = I don't see why u are making such a big deal out of this.

"What's wrong?" = What meaningless self-inflicted psychological trauma are u going through now?

"I love you, too." = Okay, I zei it...we'd better have sex now!

"Yes, I...
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posted by x-menobsessed26
Useful Hawaiian Phrases
On the Plane
My how your perfume fills the entire cabin!
'A'ala maoli keia wahi o kakou i kau wai 'ala kuikawa!

If I snore, I would like to apologize in advance
Ke nono au, e kala mua mai, i keia manawa ho'i.

I am filled with admiration for my in-flight meal
Kahaha ko'u na'au i ke 'ano o ka mea 'ai ma keia mokulele.

Only six dollars for a headset? Why thats only three dollars per ear!
Eono kala no ka ho'olohe lekio? 'O ia ho'i, 'ekolu wale no kala o kahi pepeiao!

Baby, Severe Turbulance is my middle name
E ku'u kumu e, mai hopohopo, ua kapa 'ia ko'u inoa waena, 'o ia 'o Severe...
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posted by x-menobsessed26
u Might be a Child of the 80's If...
You have deep, personal relationships via computers with people you've never met in real life before.

The phrase "going courting", to you, means fighting an unjust traffic ticket of playing tennis.

You know, door heart, the words to any "Weird" Al Yankovic song.

The Brady Bunch movie brought back cool memories.

Songs door Debbie Gibson still haunt u to this day.

Three words: "Atari" "IntelliVision" and "Coleco". Sound familiar?

You remember the days when "safe sex" meant "my parents are gone for the weekend".

You remember "Friday Night Videos" before the days of...
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