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Song: Седьмой элемент / The 7th Element
Седьмой элемент
the 7th element
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posted by slenderman777
Hello. Please Listen to me, it's for you're own good. I feel compelled to warn u of the danger that was recently unleashed upon the internet. I don't have much time left as it is, I feel that he draws near.

I like to surf the net, as do most people. Sometimes the internet gets boring though, and i find myself having nothing to do than go on the anonymous webcamming site known as "Omegle". I'm sure most of u have heard of it, as it is notorious for having those perverts jerking their rommel, ongewenste on the webcam.

Well, I went into Omegle for the first time in forever, and well, I guess they have this...
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