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Big happy face
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When life gives u a hundred reasons to cry, toon life that u have a thousand reasons to smile. Be who u are and say what u feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind, For as we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn't supposed to ever let us down, probably will. You'll have your hart-, hart broken and you'll break others' hearts. You'll fight with your best friend of maybe even fall in love with them, and you'll cry because time is flying by. So take too many pictures, laugh too much, forgive freely, and love like you've never been hurt. Life comes...
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1.fart with your armpits
2.play with your food
3.beg for a video game after they say no
4.turn the tv on at full blast
6.pinch your siblings
7.when the tell u to do something tell them "no thanks,i don't feel like it"
8.sort through their underwear
9.tell them their diet is not working
10.groan randomly
11.spend $30 on rommel, ongewenste food when they told u not to
12.spend their money and claim u donated it hungry kids in africa
13.tell your little siblings about bloody mary
14.at everything the say to u yell "Liar!'
i have not done any of these but they would be fun to do and u can use these to annoy your brother of sister and watch the fun :-))
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Rules that guys wished girls knew..........

1. If u think you're fat, u probably are. Don't ask us.

2. Learn to work the toilet seat: if it's up put it down.

3. Don't cut your hair. Ever.

4. Birthdays, Valentines, and Anniversaries are not quests to see
if he can find the perfect present, again!

5. If u ask a vraag u don't want an answer to, expect an
answer u don't want to hear.

6. Sometimes, he's not thinking about you. Live with it.

7. Don't ask him what he's thinking about unless u are prepared to discuss such topics as navel lint, the shotgun formation and monster trucks.

8. Get rid...
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Abounding times in your life u will meet mean of rude people that u dislike, but you'll still have to pretend to like them anyway. This artikel will teach u all about how to deal with them.

1)Look right at them say their name and ask them politely to stop. Keep repeating until their attitude changes of they stop. Example "Mike, please stop", of u can say, "That's not appreciated, please cut that out." Don't keep increasing aggressiveness until the balance of power is equalized, it just will make things worse.
2)Don't try to be better than them, it will make the situation worse. If they...
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(A/N) StIlL hAs GaYnEsS, cUsSiNg, AnD sEx! this part will be POV's of everyone -everyone being Adam Ty Jason and Jerome, in that order- and things that are happening to them in life and btw i need meer ideas -im running out of them- would anyone be nice enough to commentaar one? of many if u have many. anyways thanks for reading this boring A/N and enjoy the real story! XxX

~Adam's POV~ (let's face it he needs one)

-minecraft partkour-

"Hey guys, today im here with Huskymudkipz, Bodil40, and MinecraftUniverse" I zei starting my recording.

"Yeah let's go" Husky zei starting the map.

"Wait up" Jason...
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