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Random zwaan-, zwaan vs Swan! Who do u like more?

12 fans picked:
Emma zwaan-, zwaan (Once Upon A Time)
Bella zwaan-, zwaan (Twilight)
 KataraLover posted een jaar geleden
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KataraLover picked Emma zwaan-, zwaan (Once Upon A Time):
BY FAR! One of my favorite fictional characters vs my least favorite fictional character (tied with Edward Cullen).
posted een jaar geleden.
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flightFlora picked Bella zwaan-, zwaan (Twilight):
posted een jaar geleden.
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ThePrincesTale picked Emma zwaan-, zwaan (Once Upon A Time):
Unfortunately haven't ever watched Once Upon a Time. And Twilight wasn't a bad concept overall- it's not something I particularly hate. But I honestly can't think of a protagonist who annoyed me more than Bella Swan did, in both her choices and vapid mental musings. Emma Swan has to win this one.
posted een jaar geleden.
last edited een jaar geleden
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hatelarxene picked Emma zwaan-, zwaan (Once Upon A Time):
Badass woman with depth vs. Disgrace to females everywhere.
posted een jaar geleden.