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Random wat should this face: )=U stand 4?

40 fans picked:
an angry eend
a guy with a big nose
just yelling
pissy monkey face (damn u golden magic monkey!!)
(added by i_luvv_jb)
Looks meer like a f** k u to me
Looks meer like a f**k u to me
(added by sapherequeen)
a person mobbing u cuz they r angry at wat u zei
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 ay3 posted een jaar geleden
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ay3 picked an angry eend:
O^J^O elephant!
posted een jaar geleden.
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hm94991 picked an angry eend:
haha totaly
posted een jaar geleden.
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sonicgirl9 picked an angry eend:
Angry Duck
posted een jaar geleden.
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Looks meer like a f** k u to...
sapherequeen picked Looks meer like a f**k u to me:
I mean with the frown and the U next together, 'F**k You' comes to mind.

Perhaps that's a bit extreme though...
posted een jaar geleden.
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Sylarfan picked an angry eend:
ME and the Angry Duck would have like a Kung Fu Battle! It would be LEGENDARY!
posted een jaar geleden.