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 princeton mindless behavior
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mindless behavior
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This straal, ray straal, ray (Mindless Behavior) achtergrond contains zonnebril, donkere bril, and tinten.

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(entering the room prodigy)
princeton:you finally showed up prod
prodigy:i had to deal with my girl
princeton:id boy
prodigy:i thought rayray and roc was over here
princeton:naw they aint but they on they way now
prodigy:so where we finna go
princeton:we finna chill at my place and drink of whatever
(rayray and ropc knocks on the door)
rayray:what up yall
roc royal:waz up
rayray:wat we on today man
princeton some different
rocroyal: like what
princeton:man some like a drink
rayray:man whaat is u on u tweaking
princeton:no why u ask me that
rayray:never mind
prodigy:yall i need to go get my son from school
rayray:you got a son?
prodigy:yea but i gotta go ill catch up with yall later
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mindless behavior
straal, ray straal, ray
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