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A/N: Okay for those zwaan-, zwaan queeners who just survived the season premiere on Sunday this fic is a alternate scenario where Emma and Regina get sucked into FTL instead of Snow and Emma has to do everything possible to save Regina's life.

Emma's sudden attempt at comfort door putting her hand on Regina's arm spurs the hat into action. Regina looks at Emma with surprise written all over her face. The pair look at each other before glancing back at the hat. Regina, however, couldn't resist a fleeting glance at her enemy's hand on her arm. The saviour was protecting her and she had no idea how to feel about that. Both of them were well aware of the wraith behind them but couldn't seem to shake the feeling of disbelief at the idea of Emma having magic.

"It's coming!" Charming's shout was not enough to break their air of disbelief until Emma saw the wraith heading straight for Regina. Her eyes widen and she jumps

"Regina!" She pushes Regina aside falling on top, boven of her as the wraith tries to latch on in an attempt to finish his task but instead it grabs Emma. Regina recovers just enough to realise Emma was about to get sucked into the portal and grabs Emma's hands into a vain attempt to save her. Emma's eyes widen with fear as she tries to pull away from the grasp of the creature but the pull was too strong and both she and Regina get pulled into the portal



The cries of her parents ring in Emma's ears the portal begins to collapse. She and Regina are thrust into the unknown not knowing whether they'll end up in oblivion of some distant land that Regina has neglected to tell her about about.

The portal crashes closed leaving a heartbroken Snow and James as they once again lose their little girl to other world and this time she has company in the one person they were trying to protect her from. Regina.


"We've lost her again and this time we have no way of knowing whether we'll see her again"

At that moment Henry and Red coming into the courthouse. Henry looks around him frantically looking for his moms. His eyes fill with tears as he realises that they're not there

"Where are my moms?" the emotions in his voice causing Snow's knees to buckle from underneath her with James only managing to keep her upright

"Henry... they got taken into a portal and there... there maybe no... no way of getting them back" Snow's voice cracks with overwhelming sadness and grief. She may hate Regina but she would never want her to be separated from her son

"What? No! No!" Henry runs from the courthouse with Red hot on his heels. He had just gained a family and now the two most important members are gone with no hope of ever seeing them again. James leads his grieving wife out of the courthouse into a barrage of questions, vragen that needed to be asked but not answered of yet

Regina is the first to regain consciousness. She sits up only to be greeted door the tip of a sword


Regina glances up to see two women standing over her. One clearly a warrior the other a princess. Hang on. She glances around her. Oh my god she was home. This was the land she had sought to destroy why the hell was it still here?

"How is this possible? This land was destroyed!"

The warrior digs the tip of the blade harder into Regina's neck causing her to bleed but Regina doesn't flinch

"This part was protected from your curse! How did u get here! And who the hell is that!"

Regina suddenly remembers the wraith, the hat and... Emma. She pushes the blade away from her neck creating a small scratch. She looks over to Emma who had landed on her stomach and rolls her over. Emma was unconscious and had a nasty cut on her head but she was otherwise fine

"She is the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming and we came through a portal whilst trying to get rid of a wraith"

Emma groans as she slowly begins to regains consciousness. She rolls over and gently bumps Regina as she does so. She sits up slowly shielding her eyes from the glaring sun

"Who the hell are you?" her confusion was evident "And where the hell am I?"

"I am Mulan, this is Aurora" Regina and Emma glance between them both matching names with faces "And u are in a place untouched door this witch's curse"

Emma looks over to Regina and remembers the events preceding these ones. Wraith, saving Regina and getting dragged into the portal with Regina in tow

"You zei that this world had been destroyed!" Emma had ever right to be angry at Regina for lying to her, that's if she actually knew about this place

"I thought it had been but clearly someone placed an extremely powerful protection charm over this part of the land"

Mulan and Aurora knew that Regina would be dangerous here. She would have her magic and she would be unstoppable if so. Regina knew of both women standing in front of her especially Aurora since Maleficent had cursed her to an eternal sleep using a spindle.

"You'll be happy to hear Aurora that your horned fiend of a enemy is nothing meer than a pile of ashes thanks to Princess Charming here" Aurora looks upon Regina's blonde companion with much joy and thanks. She was finally rid of Maleficent for good thanks to her.

"You are an enemy of the state Queen Regina and u are under arrest for the crimes of treason, murder and the use of a dark curse" Mulan grabs Regina roughly dragging her to her feet. Emma jumps to her face and punches Mulan in the face in order to protect Regina

"You keep your hands off her. She is under my protection and the volgende person who tries to touch her will end up with meer than a black eye understand"

Regina was shocked door Emma's need to honour her promise to their... to Henry. A few hours geleden they were at war with each other and now she had the white knight protecting her from all the evil around her even though she deserved it all and more. She deserved to die, she deserved to have her soul ripped for her body it was the fitting punishment for her crimes

"Very well. But u are to protect her you'll need this" Mulan thrusts a sword towards Emma. Emma takes it and smiles at the memory of what she did with the last one. "Now we must head to veilig Haven it is the only place the wraiths do not venture"

Emma and Regina look each other a wraith is something they wanted to avoid at all costs. Regina knew she couldn't survived another soul sucking session but, somehow, she knew that with Emma door herself she would be veilig and for Regina to feel veilig in the presence of a Charming-White was a big leap.

Chapter 2

Regina can't help but look around at her homeland with a deep sadness and regret in her eyes. Is this her doing? Had she done this to the land she once loved?. Emma glances back at Regina, who had removed her suit jas and was carrying it over her shoulder, and sees the sadness and regret in the woman's eyes. She slows down until Regina catches up with her

"You okay?"

"This was our home. The land I lived it for thirty years and the land u were born into"

Emma looks around her. The ruins of secluded cottages and barren areas of woodland. Some home pagina this was.

"Some home"

"You didn't grow up here, which is my fault as much as your parents', if u had u would be able to mourn what is lost"

"And what is lost?"

"The lushness, the mystery, the majesty. I may not have liked this place is the last few years before I cursed everyone to the other world but even I could appreciate it's beauty"

Emma knew Regina had truly missed this place. The words she used to describe this place were one she'd not associate with Regina's vocabulary of character but she had been wrong in the past and she had a feeling that the fallen queen would be one of those she had wronged.

"The Queen is right. This place was magic itself, beautiful and peaceful yet dangerous and wild at the same time. This land may not have been touched door the curse but it has been effected even so"

"Time stood still here until one day, about a jaar geleden everything began to change"

Emma looks at Regina then at their travelling companions. The dag she decided to stay in Storybrooke.

"The dag I decided to stay in Storybrooke"

"It seems your decisions impacted further than u thought Miss Swan"


The group are startled door the scream of a wraith. Regina instinctive grabs Emma's hand. Emma looks down their conjoined hands but doesn't pull away. She had to keep her promise.

"We have to move!"

Emma pulls on Regina's hand coaxing her to start running with her. They take off in a sprint with Aurora following them.

"Aurora! Go with Regina" Regina shoots a panicked look at Emma, who gives her a assured look "I'll be fine just go with Aurora!" Aurora puts her hand on Regina's arm and they start off in a run, Regina glancing back at Emma.

Emma and Mulan pull their swords and hold their torches high as they jog backwards keeping their eyes moving

"Why are u protecting that witch?"

"I made a promise to someone Regina and I care for"


"Our son"

Mulan doesn't say anything as she catches the glance of a wraith hovering high over the trees in front of them. It was clear it was looking for its prey.

"Ahead above the trees"

Emma trains her eyes up and sees the wraith. She gulps and casts a look over her shoulder. She could just make out the running figures of Aurora and Regina before looking back at the wraith which had caught on to Regina's mark

"It senses her"

Emma and Mulan turn and break out into a sprint

"How far is veilig Haven?"

"Not far but I can't say for certain she'll make it now"

"I'll willing to hedge my bets"

They hear the scream of the wraith as it passes over their heads. Emma becomes fearful once meer for Regina's life as she had done in the sheriff's station and the courthouse. She remembers the hat and what happened when she touched Regina's arm, it was like... magic!

She finds into within herself to replicate the feelings she had at that moment and large bust of white magic spreads out in front of her covering herself and a large area in front and to the sides of her. The wraith screams in pain as feels the power of the magic. Regina and Aurora come to a stand still as the wave hits them. Regina turns to see Emma bathed in a white light. The wraith flies away as fast as it can. It had been drained substantially.

The wave of magic dissipates and Emma falls to her knees. Regina and Aurora run back to Mulan and a fallen Emma and when Regina reaches Emma she immediately falls to her knees in front of the blonde woman


"I can't stand"

"The power of the magic has weaken you"

Mulan and Aurora look at each other in shock. They could not believe the power of the magic they had just witnessed it was unbelievable and something they had not seen in over 28 years. Regina puts her hand on Emma's chest near her hart-, hart and closes her eyes. She feels her magic flow through her hand and into Emma's chest.

"What are u doing?"

"Passing on some of my magical energy to u it'll help with the fatigue"


"Stop being stubborn Swan"

Emma can feel some of her fatigue fading and she grabs Regina's hand pulling it over her chest. Regina sags against her, her head resting on Emma's shoulder.

"You shouldn't have done that"

"You needed it meer than I"

"Now who's being stubborn?"

"Oh be quiet"

Regina helps Emma to her feet. Her experience with magic allows her to recover quicker. She clings to Emma's hand and puts her other arm around Emma's waist in order to support her.

"Your magic is meer powerful then I had originally thought"

"I didn't realise I had magic at all"

"You are a child of true love, the magic u possess is some of the most powerful in the land even powerful enough to rival mine and that of Rumplestilskin"

"Oh great"

"I will help u to learn how to control it in order to prevent any unwanted... activity"

Emma looks at Regina with uncertainty and apprehension. Perhaps she was scared of what having magic would mean of of what Regina would now do with the knowledge that she had magic

"I would appreciate it"

"I'm gonna use this against u Miss Swan. Your magic could be Rumplestilskin's undoing"

"And yours"


Mulan and Aurora look around them. Emma's magic would have enraged the wraith and it would be back with meer determination and meer want for Regina's soul. Emma's magic may have saved Regina this time but volgende time was an unknown commodity

"Your majesty, your highness we must keep going"

"Safe Haven is just over that ridge"

Regina removes her hands from Emma and nods. Emma feels the absence of Regina's skin also immediately but shakes off the feeling. She had no idea what was the matter with her of why she felt the need to be close to Regina, maybe it was the magic perhaps it was something else but that was something she didn't want to think about nor acknowledge it.

"I suggest we get moving then"

Regina can't help but smile at Emma's assertiveness, a trait that she had become so accustomed with. The group verplaats on but their eyes are trained to keep an eye out for a wraith of even a group of wraiths coming for them but the nearer they got to veilig Haven the meer Mulan seemed to relax. As they crossed the ridge the city of veilig Haven came into view it reminded Regina of her own kasteel and that of Snow White and Prince Charming.

"Who rules over veilig Haven?"

Mulan looks at Regina, who looked rather startled and amazed at what was in front of her. Mulan knew it was only natural for the former Queen to be curious about the land she had supposedly cursed

"No one knows, whoever created this place may have died of may be a recluse"

"Hmm indeed"

The group look upon veilig Haven there is an air of relief but for Regina and Emma an air of uncertainty and sense of evil surrounding this entire place. But why were the wraiths afraid of this place, what was it about this place?

"I have a bad feeling about this place"

Mulan and Aurora throw a confused glance at Emma who could feel something running through her veins, through her magic. Regina looks at her and takes a deep breath. However Emma's suspicions did not stop the group from entering veilig Haven. There an eerie silence as the foursome entered the city. The remaining citizens of Fairytale Land recognised Regina immediately and they cowered back into their homes.

"Ever get the feeling someone doesn't like you"

Regina shoots Emma a dirty glare as they continue towards the kasteel gates. Regina felt the presence of a magic she thought long dead. She stops and falls to her kness


Emma rushes over to her and kneels down. She can see Regina is breathing heavily, her hand clutching her chest and she was breaking out into a sweat

"What's the matter?"

"She can't be here. She can't be"

"Who? Regina who's here?"

"My mother"

Emma, Mulan and Aurora exchanged horrified looks. Regina's mother was here?! And who was she meer importantly and why was Regina so afraid of her?