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Fennena posted on Mar 08, 2011 at 11:08AM
Lets smile:-)
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een jaar geleden Fennena said…
Lady,I will be very glad see Richard on the Hobbit.I love Tolkien books,and Richard will amazin Thorin.What do you think about this?
een jaar geleden OceanCoast said…
He's in the new Captain America trailer that I just added to the videos section. He plays Heinz Kruger, who is the first badguy CA encounters (as he says; "The first of many") which pretty much means his character dosen't last very long into the film, but he gets a nice introduction into Hollywood before taking on one of the major leading roles in The Hobbit.

I'm excited to see him play full-on, non-redeemable, badguy Nazi. LOL.
een jaar geleden margaret_ said…
I think roles in romantic period drama suit him better, but we'll see... He's a great actor, though. Anyway, I hope Hollywood won't spoil him! ;)
een jaar geleden Fennena said…
big smile
I too love him in romantic dramas,but he is capatable on much more.
But by the way...
I would like him (terribly as I want) in role Lancelot;-)
een jaar geleden OceanCoast said…
^ was the training In New Zealand or are they old photos?? I get all excited when I see new pictures LOL.

@Fennena, Margaret_ are you guys members of The Armitage Army forum? I'm Tina2shy over there.
een jaar geleden margaret_ said…
big smile
I am a member now ;) My user name is Margaret87.
een jaar geleden Fennena said…
I was added some 'new-old' photos:D
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een jaar geleden Fennena said…
First hobbit pic.
een jaar geleden Fennena said…
I have loaded
the first
picture about
een jaar geleden Fennena said…
A quick ‘behind the
scenes’ image of our
photo shoot with one of
the stars of the upcoming
Captain America movie,
and next year’s super-
blockbuster Hobbit
movies. Full interview and
photo shoot with
England’s next action hero,
issue 9 of RECOGNISE.
Richard Armitage, our
editor and the
photographer spot a cute
mouse in the studio. They
think it was the mouse
from The Green Mile as it
almost ran right up to
them. Fortunately, Richard
was there to protect them
both :)
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een jaar geleden Fennena said…
een jaar geleden Fennena said…
Please vote for Richard! link