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"If u wanna survive,you gotta fight for it!Im talking bout fight!Right here...right now."Shane
"Don't let the word spoil you."Lori
"You couldn't protect Hershel,Daryl,Beth,Maggie Glenn,Judith,or mom."Carl
"You step outside,you risk your life.You take a drink of water u risk your life.And now a days u breathe and u risk your life.Every moment u don't have a choice.The only thing u can choose is what your risking it for."Heshel
"Maggie zei she loves me."Glenn
"I'm sorry."Maggie
"I get it now."Beth
"You handcuffed my brother to a roof!And u left him there!"Daryl
"Anger gets u stupid.Stupid gets u killed."Michonne
"Look at the flowers."Carol
"You're my brother."Rick Grimes