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de keuze van de fan: Eat fruits.
de keuze van de fan: An exciting month.
de keuze van de fan: Walking.
de keuze van de fan: No.
de keuze van de fan: Yes ;=;
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Riku114 zei …
So this is gonna be a copy paste from what I texted people on messenger but college story time geplaatst ·15 uren geleden
Riku114 commentaar gegeven…
Also dude. Someones bike flipped and they flew off it cos a janitor bumped the back of their bike with their vehicle and she - the rider - totally skinned her knee really badly and was bleeding a lot ·15 uren geleden
TheLefteris24 commentaar gegeven…
Karma has its very own pace and ways of rewarding. Glad things worked out for both of u !!!! ·11 uren geleden
JetBlack__ commentaar gegeven…
That was weird xD Hope it's just a beginners welcoming XD be veilig Riku<3 ·3 uren geleden
Riku114 zei …
I honestly just feel happy and comfortable when I can really help the people around me that I care about. ITs one of my easier ways of tonen affection and all, and if people can come to me for help and I can help them, it just makes me feel respected and liked.

Maybe its a bit wrong, since its a dynamic that could get unhealthy, but in moderation I feel like its fine geplaatst ·15 uren geleden
Shukuya commentaar gegeven…
I think you're doing great ·11 uren geleden
Riku114 zei …
Update: Quickly getting my good biking legs back geplaatst ·20 uren geleden