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de keuze van de fan: Oh man,yes
de keuze van de fan: Aww,sure!!
de keuze van de fan: Writing: Fiction (Class on writing fiction)
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Riku114 zei …
Honestly I kind of doubt when I say I have extremely fragmented personalities because a good 90% of the time I currently feel really like... single. I dont mean dating wise, but like... I feel like Im the only one up in my head and Im like "Nah I must have faked it before" but I vaguely remember having way too indepth discussions with "thoughts" that had extremely different opinions and voices in my head and my boyfriend claims hes seen it in my eyes / body when I claimed to be Aderis so.. geplaatst ·13 uren geleden
Riku114 commentaar gegeven…
Lately its only when Im really stressed / threatened that I hear anything in my mental space - either that of briefly when something 'stimulates' one of them I guess ·13 uren geleden
Riku114 zei …
I think I got Chem down XD I mean I learned the majority of it in the last two days cause I was on a good track for the first half of the quarter then the fires came and ruined my momentum XD

But its still pretty good. I hear the teacher curves the class two letter grades and I only need a 30% I think then? Which I know I can pull off. Plus I feel like I might know it better than a good chunk of people? geplaatst ·21 uren geleden
Riku114 zei …
Yo hearing your oldest sister be like "Yeah, I didn't really care that u were meer attached to him than me, I was just glad there was someone else helping out because I could barely keep u alive since there is only so much a sister could do."

Well geee.

I mean I remember being bad but not that bad :v geplaatst ·2 dagen geleden
Riku114 commentaar gegeven…
But then again I dont really remember XD At least people being really up front with how close I seemed to be to offing myself gives me validation that I really was depressed at some point like my sparknotes of my own life says :v ·2 dagen geleden
Riku114 commentaar gegeven…
Lowkey kinda wanna go back and experience again just to see how bad I really was but I think Id regret that five seconden in ·2 dagen geleden