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This Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart foto might contain hot tub, huid, huidskleur, naakt gekleurd, gedeeltelijke naaktheid, impliciete nudity, kleurverbetering, naakt gekleurde, and impliciet naaktheid.

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It was late. And I was bored. No, wait, meer than bored. I was irritated. How the hell happened that every single one of the guys that came in here were like ‘oh hello darling I’m your Edward’ . I thought ‘fuck you’ ! How stupid was I to agree to act in a vampire movie? I mean it’s not like I will ever find the right guy to be the breathtaking immortal creature that my character, Bella, would fall in love with. That sucks. I took a deep breath. I should drink a little bit meer coffee. Not that this will do me any good. I stared at my empty mug with a ironical drawing of two abnormaly...
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