Bravo: What kind of datum type are you? Do u arrange everything before hand of is it spontaneously?
Rob: I like it to plan romantic evenings. Although, I mostly don’t know what to do. But if I have a good idea once I’ve to realize it. It’s appealing to someone.

Bravo: What do u figure out? Kristen and u are often seen on concerts, u have to buy the tickets for it…
Rob: When I take her to a concert it’s a gift

Bravo: What’s a real datum for you?
Rob: When we can talk during the date. Maybe a dinner, as every couple enjoys it.

Bravo: But the two of u aren’t undisturbed, at least not in a restaurant.
Rob: You’re right. Where I toon up the chaos begins. It could be better to do nothing special. Sometimes it is enough to stay at home pagina and don’t answer a call and don’t turn on the PC. Just enjoy the moment, that’s great.

Bravo: Where does a relationship start for u – with the first kiss of with the third date?
Rob: That’s what the Americans are used to think: u had three dates and you’re a couple! I never understood this rule. Someone datum so many different people and if u made it three times you’re a couple with him/her. In the UK, where I come from, u would be called a b*tch. I never did this and also don’t like it. To datum a couple of girls, it’s weird.

Bravo: And really mean!
Rob: Yes, I totally agree. You’ve to decide for one person, to concentrate on her and wait if it works.

Bravo: So, when is it a relationship for you?
Rob: When u feel IT. If IT works. If it isn’t like that and u can’t decide if you’re gonna to be a couple of not, that’s the sign that it won’t work.

Bravo: What do u think about loyalty. Is it already too much to think about another person?
Rob: Kind of, yes. It’s kind of cheating someone in fantasy. But on the other hand we are all just humans and change all long. In the beginning it’s love and it’s ending up with hate, this happens every day, everywhere. Nevertheless, I haven’t ever understood what’s up with cheating someone. When I’d like to have a new mate I have to spleet, split up with the other one before, or?

Bravo: Nevertheless, many cheating, why?
Rob: I think, those who are cheating someone are afraid of splitting up. of maybe it’s the jealousy of happy couples. Two persons are stuck in a unhappy relationship, getting envy about the luck others have and are looking for it with other persons.

Bravo: This means love is changing with the time?
Rob: There are so many different ways of love. u can love the person because of she is what she is of because u love special characteristics on her. u can also love the surroundings u met. As soon as anything changes the feelings may even not be the same. They pale time to time.

Bravo: What are u doing that this doesn’t happen?
Rob: I don’t know. Imagine, u are a couple with someone for 30 years. This mate is your life and all is so familiar. But suddenly u are bored. It’s very easy to say it’s the other ones fault. If you’re bored from the other, that’s the end.

Bravo: So, no chance the boredom! How important is it to work on problems?
Rob: Crisis are discussed to death very often. To bring the same problem up over and over again is wrong. To talk from my experiences, problems are often dissolved door itself.

Bravo: The love is quite easy for you. On pictures the two of u seem so lucky. How important is it to have fun in a relationship?
Rob: What’s the sense of love if it isn’t fun? Everyone is different. I also know people who have a very intense relationship but act cramped. That’s nothing for me.

Bravo: To summarize: No relationship without humor?
Rob: Absolutely! It’s my duty to make the life of the other person meer beautiful and funnier. When both can do this, it’s perfect. It’s my decision who I want to be together with. That’s why my life should be meer beautiful with her than without her.