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posted by Mindless_Luv
Tori: Yeah sure
They all go in the lazy river
Prince: *laughing*
Ray: What's so funny Prince
Prince: The water's cold
Tori: Your so goofy
Roc: I gotta go pee im about to go pee in here
Ray: Who do u think u are R-Kelly?
Prod: u can go pee when we get out okay??
Roc: Otay
They all get out the pool and Roc dose his thing
Tori: That was nasty people put that water in their mouth
Roc: My pee taste like kool-aid
Tori: I gotta change my bathing suit now
Ray: Why
Tori: I was still in there 5 seconden after he started
Roc: *laughs* My bad...
Tori changes into this: link

You choose the best one :D
Roc: u look...
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posted by Mindless_Luv
THE volgende dag WITH ROC
Roc: *wakes up gose in keuken-, keuken smilling mad hard*
Ray: Well damn u smile any harder your cheeks gonna fall off
Prod: He smilling cause he got a datum with Toooooori...
Roc: *tries not to smile* Im just happy to see yall u know...
Prod: *points his peice of chicken at Roc* Roc your full of shit we know thats not why u smilling mad hard looking like a rat
Roc: Prod your full of jokes u crack me up
Prince: He's in a good mood for Tori!!!!
Roc: Ahhhhhhhhh I love that girl...
Prod: He even made a song for her
Ray: How it go????
Prod: *in tune of My girl door Mindless Behavior* Aye...
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posted by mindlesskeke16
angel:roc im going out with keke ok
at my house
me:princeton im gone kill you
prince:dont talk to me like that(he slaps me)
me:owwwwwwwww (i was crying so hard that my eyes were puffy
then angel walked in
angel:keke u ok girl
me:noprinceton just slapped me
angel:come on u gone stay with me and rocok girl
keke:ok bye n****
at roc n angel house
roc:keke whats wrong
keke:prince slapped me and im not happy at all then i have to find prodigy so he can talk to mom for me
prodigy:what u talking bout im right here
keke:i missed u and princeton slapped me is it ok if i stay withu
prodigy:sure i need to take care of my lilttle sisiter
keke:thanks bro
the and
oh and angels outfitlink
oh and minelink
posted by Mindless_Luv
Tori: *lays in couch*
Nicki: *walks in* If that boy hurts u tell me
Tori: *gets a text from Roc*
Roc: Hey
Tori: hallo wats up
Roc: NM but can I ask u something
Tori: Shure wat is it
Roc: Will u go on a datum wit me 2morrow
Tori: Yeah wat time
Roc: bout 9:30
Tori: Okay
Roc: Bring a bathing suit
Tori: Cuz we going to da beach
Roc: Nahhhhhh cuz we going 2 da lotion store
Tori: Ohhh really
Roc: Yes really
Tori: Ight but im sleepy so...
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posted by Mindless_Luv
Roc: *breaks kiss* Shut up
Tori: When did u even get here
Prince: I was only under the bed
Roc and Tori: Creepo
Ray: *walks in* Ohhh yeah and my name is straal, ray straal, ray not rat rat ok
Roc: Yeah Yeah Yeah...
Shaniah: *walks in* Heyy yall lets go around the house yelling Tori got a boyfriend!!
Tori: No dont listen to her
Diggy: *runs down steps* TORI GOT A BOYFRIEND *falls* OWWWW
Nicki: Are u okay???
Diggy: Yeah never better
Shaniah: *falls on Diggy* Mom guess what
Nicki: WHAT???
Diggy: Tori got a boo boo stank
Nicki: She dose whats his name
Shaniah: His name is GCO
Tori: Shaniah say one meer word I'll cut your...
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posted by Mindless_Luv
Tori: I'm scared already
Ray: The movie didn't start yet
Tori: Shut up! To me it did
Prince: That's because u crazy
Lexi: Ain't that the truth
Tori: Whatever! I'm normal
Roc: *Smiles* Yes u are! <3
Tori: *Looks at Roc* Thanks!
-30 mins later-
Tori: Damn....she ate them pannekoeken, pannenkoeken hella fast
Roc: Maybe she was hungry
Prod: I be hungry u don't see me doing that
Roc: Yes u do
Random Person: SHHHHHH
Tori: WTF What is that????
Person: *walks over to them* Im a person named ShaNaeNae
Tori: u ratchet
Nae: Ohhh yo boo sexyyyy.... *points to Roc*
Tori: He's not my boo
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posted by Mindless_Luv
-The volgende dag With The Boys-
Prince: Someone wake Roc up
Ray: Last time Roc almost broke my arm
Prod: He hella stong
Prince: Well he WAS a football player
Ray: I'll do it *Tries to wake up Roc*
Roc: *Grabs Ray's braid* Get the fuck off of me
Ray: Okay! Okay! Let go of my braid so u can get ready
Roc: *Lets go* Fine
Prince: He know he happy
Roc: *Walks to bathroom* Shut up!
Ray: Ayyyyyeee! Ima get TOOOOOORI
Prod: Roc all u do is sleep
Prince: Random?!?!
Prod: It's true
Ray: It's because
Prod: He's dreaming about TOOOOOORI
Prince: He blushing right about now
Roc: NO...
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posted by Mindless_Luv
Prince: *Pushes Tori*
Tori: *Falls*
Prince: Roc we gotta go!
Roc: Ohhhh.....okay
Tori: Hello? I'm laying on the ground......
Prince: *Looks at Tori* Who cares?
Roc: Shut up prince! *Helps Tori up*
Tori:*Smiles* Thanks alot
Roc: No problem.....So can i get your number?
Tori: *Talking fast* (848)675-9907
Roc: *Puts it in his phone* Okay i'll text u later
Prince: Awwwww.......the love birds!
Tori: *Pushes Prince* PAYBACK PUFF DADDY!!!!
Prince: *Falls* my name is "Puff Daddy" now? *gets up*
Tori: u zei it not me
Prince: Damn my words!.......
Roc: Come on let's go Prince
Prince: Okay!
Tori: Byeee......Roc!...
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posted by Mindless_Luv
Prince: Diggy got a party tonight, Yall coming?
Roc: Yeah i'm coming
Prod and Ray: ME TO!
Prod: *Knocks on wood* u owe me a soda Ray
Ray: I don't owe u SHIT
Prince: Well yall get ready!
Roc: I call first in the shower!
Prod: Ima go second
Ray: Fine i'll go last
Roc: *Gose in the bathroom*
Ray: We gotta get Roc a girlfriend
Prod: Yeah he all single
Prince: And UGLY!
Ray: Like u can talk
Prince: I'm not ugly im gorgeous
Prod: Yeah! So yall agree to try to get Roc a girl at this party?
Prince: YERP!
Ray: I mean i guess......
Prod: But she gotta be cute right?
Prince: It depends Nicki Minaj cute of Beyonce...
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posted by kittykat323
cookie:kiwi get in here trey here.
kiwi:i'm coming tell him to wait.
(kiwi comes down stairs with her polo outfit on)
trey:kiwi u look nice
trey:u ready for our amazing date
kiwi:where we going
trey:don't wery bout it ,it's a surprise
kiwi:fine bye cookie
(kiwi leaves with trey)
cookie:jacob come on we goin b late
jacob:here i come bay
cookie:come on
(they leave)
kay:hey are we going to the films today
ray:yeah we better go right now
(they leave)
(at the films everybody sees each other)
boys: wats up dogs
girls:hey gurl
kiwi:wat movie yall goin see
cookie:we seeing dark moon
kay:we r 2
kiwi:we r 2
kiwwi:c u there

(inside the movie)

kiwi:trey i'm cold
trey: don't worry i'll keep u warm
kiwi: really
(scary part happens all the gurls jump into the boys laps)

trey:your adorable when ur scared

kiwi: thx boy

to be continude
Keke: hello Bree Bree: yeah hello. Keke: do u know where is Princeton this is my seconde time look for him omg. Bree: oh Princeton gone with roc to the store and going hang out. Keke: oh Princeton never call my phone tell me he was going hang out. Bree: oh girl u bat to call his phone will asking his phone. Keke: oh lord that boy thing he slick Bree: keke do u want me call Terian phone so she call Princeton keke: sure. Me: hello who is this. Bree: it me Bree Me: o hallo Bree what u want? Bree: keke told me that tell u call Princeton phone. Me: call his phone for what. Bree : because he not asking...
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posted by terian
bree:hey roc will u go on a datum with me no body else don't want go on a datum with me roc:yes my love i will go on a datum with u bree:what place we go on a datum roc:we go to papa john bree:ok then what everyou my hubby roc roc:some body phone is ring it like a right tone bree:that my phone ring my mother call me roc:ok kool keke:where is princetion me:i don't know bree;me too idk where is princeton rayray:hellobae me:hello rayray:where u at me;im just talking to my girl rayray:ok alright bree:we on a datum alright roc roc:ok yep bree:now it time us to go roc:alright let go bree:nice car roc...
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posted by tyethugginhard
IN PART15:...tamara got tired nd went in tha bed room ta go to sleep....she waited for prince....hhe came in tha room....tha started kissing....nd thenn.....

Tamara climbed ontop of prince nd started kissing him....he kissed back....he said...
Princeton:...babii...are u okay :/
Princeton:....your kissing me like youv never kissed me before....nd if u keep doing that itt will lead into somethingg else....
Tamara:....and....i might be ready for something else.....i am ready for somethiing else....
Princeton:....are u sure cuz if your not we can wait..... ready.......
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posted by Rock-n-Rollin
Months past. Jazmine's still an demon (fallen angel).
Roc's still an angel. The angels and the demons went 2 war. The angels won the war. Roxanne's a forever living angel, and turned Princeton into an angel. Princeton & Roxanne got married. straal, ray and Fiona got back 2gether, and got married. Prodigy and Nicole had twins named Princess and Precious. Kenzie moved 2 Atlanta with her aunt. Alley and Diggy broke up......but Alley started dating Lil Twist. J.J. and Justine went 2 college. Jessica became lawyer. Many years past, and Rosaline became a detective. How Rosaline looked (Grown up, 22 yrs....
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In Roc's P.O.V
Later that night, Roxanne had a miscarrige.
2 days later, things were getting crazy.....
Jessica: Roc.
Me: What?
Jessica: Do u like bacon?
Roc: Umm...yeah....
Jessica: Admit that u love someone else....
Roxanne: Huh?
Me: No I don't.
J.J: You'er bluffing! Jessica told me your secret.
Justine: She told me 2!
Me: Who I like?
Jessica: ME!!!!!!
Jazmine: What?!?!?!
Roxanne: Hold up wait a minute! Let me put some Roxie in it!
Me: No I don't!
Jazmine: Don't u lie 2 me.
Me: I'm telling the truth! I don't like her.....
Ray: Damn! I need a taco!
Prod: Bro! Just tell the truth!
Me: *angry* I........AM............
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posted by Rock-n-Rollin
In Jazmine's P.O.V
The volgende day.......
Roxanne: So cute, just like mommy.....*throwing up*
Me: Eww! u okay?
Roxanne: Not really....
Me: I hope you're not prego again....
Roxanne: I think I am......
Me: Dang....
Prince: Come on! You'll finally have a baby boy that looks like me!
Me: Ugh!
Roxanne: I hope it's a boy.....
Jessica: Awe! Like father, like son!
Prince: Ummm...Roc?
Trey: *chewing on bacon* What?
Prince: That's like your 20th bacon......
Trey: And??
Prince: u should stop that...
Trey: NO!!
Jessica: UMMM......okay.....
Roxanne: Need some oranje juice....*grabbing OJ (orange juice)*
Kenzie: *knocking...
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posted by Rock-n-Rollin
Just 2 make it clear, Fiona and Nicole is not in the stories anymore, and Charlie, Alley and Kenzie's still in it
In Roxanne's P.O.V
3 weeks later, Jazmine and the others graduated. That volgende day.....
Me: My little baby!
Jacob: Well I'm not that little.....
Me: Not you! Rosaline.
Jacob: Oh.....
Jazmine: There's some girl at the door.
I opened the door, and this random girl hugs me.
Girl: Roxanne!
Me: *pushed her off* And whom I'm speaking 2.
Girl: Sorry it's Ronnie.
Me: oh Ronnie, what u want?
Ronnie: Your mom died......
Me: WHAT?!?? How?
Ronnie: In a airplane accident. Her funeral's 2morrow.
Me: I'll be...
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posted by lilmsroyal
[the door klok, bell rung and bree and roc came down stairs and roc opens the door]
prince:wats up bro
roc:nun man
cat:hey sista
bree:hey sis [gives prince and her a hug]
prince:so wats been up
roc:nun man we got good news doe
cat:wat is is[smiling]
bree:well im pregnate
prince:[suprised look][[high fives roc] gettin it there
roc:lol dude u crazzi
cat: im so happy 4 yall cause im pregnate 2
roc:[high fives prince] so i aint the only 1 gettin it in
roc:so we goin 2 da doctor 2morrow
cat: we sholl do wat yall goin 4
bree: 2 see wats the babi gender
prince:we is 2
roc:well we all can ride 2 getha
bree: yea lets do that
cat:ok me hungry
bree: im sholl is
roc:lets go get some 2 eat
prince: cool with me
bree: let me go get my money
roc:oh hell nawl i got u babi
bree: ok
[they go get something 2 eat]
posted by Rock-n-Rollin
After school....
Jasmine: We are here 2day 4 a very important reason. We are trying 2 have a prom, and we need some good ideas.
Roxanne: A prom?!?! Let's have a zombie prom!
Roc: Yea!
Prince: No! A royal prom!
Ray: of a-
Jazmine: NO!!!! Wrong! We're having an 80's prom. Where we having it?
Prod: A hotel....
Jessica: At the cafeteria?
Jazmine: No! In the auditorium! What food are we eating?
Ray: Tacos?
Prince: Hot dogs?
Jazmine: Eww! We are having nachos with punch. K, so we all agreed on everything. Now all we have 2 do is get the prom ready, and have fun!
Roxanne: Hmm...okay.....
5 days later.......
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posted by lilmsroyal
[we came home pagina and bree went in the bathroom and did the test and came out]
roc:u did it
bree:yes im tired
roc:me 2
bree:we can take a nap before my sis and prince come ova
roc:u go take a nap and ill douche ok
bree:kk [hopps in his arms ]
roc:[carries her up stairs]
bree goes to sleep and roc takes a shower
[roc wakes bree up and gets in the shower]
bree:roc come here
bree:hugs roc] u a dady now
roc:4 real omg [picks bree up and spins her around]
bree:im so happy
roc:me 2 baby
bree:we gonna have 2 go shopping
roc:yep sholl is