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werandy posted on Mar 18, 2013 at 05:23PM
Monster Form:
School Year:
Weapons: (if they got them)
Other Info:

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een jaar geleden werandy said…
Name: Chad Botolf
Age: 16
Gender: male
Race: american
Monster Form: werewolf
Apperance: (pic)
School Year: First Year
Powers: Strength and Speed.
Skills: Speed, Combat, Tracking,Tactics,Girls.
Pets: pet class angelroid named ikaros.
Bio: chad saved the angelroid 5 years ago and she thanks as him as a master he let her go but she follows him around as her master....
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 Name: Chad Botolf Age: 16 Gender: male Race: american Monster Form: werewolf Apperance: (pi
een jaar geleden werandy said…
(angelroid pic)
 (angelroid pic)
een jaar geleden werandy said…
( ok i know That the talk about Rosario+Vampire capu3 is taking over but lets get are minds out of the guters for a bit.)
een jaar geleden werandy said…
you fan are no fun.
een jaar geleden Legend_Jared said…
there already 2 rp's xD
een jaar geleden werandy said…
i know but.
een jaar geleden CinLeWolfe said…
Name: Yuuki-Anna Arazuka
Half Succubus-Half Snow Woman
Has white hair, with purple ends, light brown skin, gray eyes
First year
Speed, Combat, Cuteness
Her hands
No pets
She is a famous Yuki-Onna, that is planned to be killed, so she runs away, to find Yokai Academy.
een jaar geleden Kidbuu504 said…
Name: Shuya "Neon Hair" Kenshin
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Monster Form:
Apperance: (pics)
School Year: 2
Powers: Vampiric speed
Skills: Martial Arts expert
Weapons: Pistol (Rarely used)
Pets: None
Other Info: Major Smoker.
Bio: I was born a human but at an early age was abandoned. I was found by a vampire that never shared his real name with me, instead preferred to be called "Teacher". He trained me in martial arts of all form and to harness some vampiric powers. I was sent to Yokai academy to learn to live with my own kind again.
een jaar geleden Kidbuu504 said…
This is me
 This is me
een jaar geleden Kidbuu504 said…
Me again
 Me again
een jaar geleden werandy said…
een jaar geleden Kidbuu504 said…
I apologize for pictures being seperate I'm on my phone
een jaar geleden werandy said…
sorry ...................but this rp is down sorry kid....
Try club anime rp if you want
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een jaar geleden scotttheo said…
Yea or just join the remake for this Rp. There is a remake version. If you don't want to though, then go onto the fifth page of the remake Rp and the link will be on one of those posts. :/ It's the link to the anime.forums Rp
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