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succubusgirl posted on May 07, 2009 at 10:54AM
Okay...I know this is a totally random question, but...
If the Rosario+Vampire characters got drunk, how do you think they would act?

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een jaar geleden Angolaman said…
I don't really know about Tsukune, but I recon the Kumuru, Mizore and Yukari would be more over Tsukune....if thats possible.
een jaar geleden succubusgirl said…
een jaar geleden rc8marcelo said…
Tsukune would still have control over himself...Kurumu would be hersef only a lot more unpredictable...Yukari would be too smart to get drunk...Mizore wont drink cause its going to burn her ^__^. And finally Moka...I dont know XD
een jaar geleden deluxe said…
Moka would "accidently" fall on Tsukune, like she did in his room and in the library, but otherwise be pretty reserved.

Kurumu might try to trick Tsukune, charm him, or even kiss him to make Tsukune her slave.

Mizore would definitely use force.

Ruby would still be too shy.

And Yukari would pass out. Maybe Moka and Tsukune would have to rescue her.

Tsukune would finally say he just wants Moka and a kiss instead of another blood donation!

Gin would maybe become serious and a gentleman?!?!

Cocoa would probably not drink, unless true vampire Moka was around. Oh, and vampire Moka would probably start vandalizing stuff and try to impress Tsukune somehow.
een jaar geleden Animeluva6 said…
uuh, there would be alot of inappropriate stuff
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een jaar geleden Lelouch000 said…
It would start off with all of them at once coming onto Tuskune then he would probobly start running because theres no reasoning with drunk people.

After that Mizore would start trying to trap him with ice, Kurumu would fly after him, Yukari would charm various items, and if Moka ever got him alone, like delux said she would do something clumzy like fall on him, and i dont think ruby would drink.

It would be hailarious to watch said events unfold if ever in manga or anime XD
een jaar geleden Invincibility said…
Imagine what happened with Lillith's Mirror, but a whole lot worse.
een jaar geleden Synned_Ghoul said…
i can totally see that happening. the miror made them lose all control.
een jaar geleden Synned_Ghoul said…
but... this is my sinario;

Yukari gets to drunk to move

Mizori traps random people in ice thinking they're Tsukune

Kurumu gets more outragous, prob. stripping and jumping Tsukune

Ruby gets FAR less shy

Outer Moka would do like Lelouch and Deluxe said and 'trip' onto Tsukune

Inner Moka would act worse than when, in the anime, she loses the rosario and is in the gym clothes.
een jaar geleden djduncan said…
een jaar geleden i_heart_moca said…
everything people say... after
een jaar geleden Fishbro001 said…
Yukari: Will pass out since she is a kid
Kurumu: Will be even more slutty
Mizore: Don't really know
Ruby: Will beg for Tsukune to spank her >:D
Moka(outer): Will feel like in a fairytale and wander aimlessly until she trips and passes out
Moka(inner): Will problably get into a bar fight
Tsukune: Do random stuff