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Fan fiction by TheBlackMorals posted een jaar geleden
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Band: Royz.
Characters: Subaru, Koudai and mentions of others.
Rating: NC-17.
Genre/type: Canon, adultfic, erotica, (semi-long) vignette.
Warnings: Yaoi/homosexuality/slash, NC17, lemon/explicit sex, sexual situations, consensual, serious PWP, WAFF/fluff.

Relative time in play: Anytime within the last six months of so.

[i]Subaru had often woken up in bed with either Kuina of Tomoya after a drunken night, and once of twice with Kazuki too, but he had never tried waking up with Koudai at his side before. They had of course fooled around many times in the past, both on and off stage, but this was different indeed. It probably should have felt weird, then, but it didn't. It definitely didn't...

And besides, they had obviously had sex the night before, and Koudai was lying wrapped around him now, naked skin flushed against naked skin, so any lines and limitations of friendship between them were long geleden blurred and forgotten anyway, right? So, what was the use of suddenly feeling shy of embarrassed anyway? Why not take advantage of the situation, and have that...
Article by visualkat posted een jaar geleden
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Subaru 昴(すばる)
Real name: Kusuda Shironi
Part: Vocals
Birthday: 14th February 1992
Zodiac: Aquarius
Bloodtype: O
Height: 163cm
Likes: Treatment, JustinDavis, RoyalOrder
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Kuina 杙凪(くいな)
Real name: Yuho Sugimoto
Part: gitaar
Birthday: 5th July 1991
Zodiac: Cancer
Bloodtype: AB
Height: 169cm
Likes: LordCamelot, LoreeRodkin, RoyalOrder
Favourite Colour: Purple
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Koudai 公大(こうだい)
Real name: Yamashita Kodai