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Harry Potter star, Rupert Grint, has used his creative talents to support Keech Hospice Care’s adult and children’s hospices – a charity located close to his Hertfordshire home.

The wizard ster is known to enjoy drawing and painting in his spare time and has produced an elaborate, coloured vlinder sketch – a theme which was chosen to represent the beauty of all lives, however short they may be.

Grint’s artwork will kom bij the creations of many other beroemdheden including Coldplay, Theo Walcott and Fearne Cotton.

The special group of paintings, named ‘The Chrysalis Collection’, will be auctioned off on the eBay in March and Rupert is expected to be a populair choice.

“We are delighted Rupert has chosen to support his local hospice charity, especially because many of the children we care for are big fans of the Harry Potter star," Keech fundraiser Laura Devine said.

“Rupert’s masterpiece features many faces inside the butterfly’s wings, each with their own quirky expression and unique character – a true Harry Potter creation that will have the fans thrilled!”

The auction will run from 19th to 28th March and there will be a public exhibition of the star-studded artwork throughout the maand at the Stockwood Discovery Centre in Luton, nearby the site of the hospices.

All proceeds will help Keech Hospice Care continue supporting adult and children with life-limiting illnesses, and their families.

To find out meer The Chrysalis Collection and how u can become the lucky owner of this exclusive Grint piece, visit of call 01582 707940.
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