Hi everyone, I would love to write my reasons on why Russia is my dream destination. Are u ready?

The Vast History

Yes, its history fascinates me, especially about the Romanov. The 1997 animated feature Anastasia got me interested in Russian history, and I was very blessed to study meer about the Romanov and the Soviet Union later on!

The Architecture

I adore the architect of their historical sites, especially in both Moscow and St. Petersburg. If Peter the Great did not make St. Petersburg Russia's Venice, the city will be depressing and unattractive!

The Music

Both classical and local muziek have been very populair in the country, Tchaikovsky's muziek especially his ballet fascinates me since watching Sleeping Beauty. There was a number on Riverdance where they perform their local dance in it!

Thank u Russia

So, I hope that this country will help u for those who haven't been like myself!
The Winter Palace